Destiny Beta: Your Best And Worst Experiences?

As gamers come back to Earth from the intergalactic high of Bungie's Destiny Beta. takes a look back at the entire week to discuss their best and worst experiences and what they hope Bungie will improve once the full version launches this 9th of september.

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Frankskint1448d ago

Best experience had to be that incredible skyline. What a sight.

macezhno1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

best was during a crucible match on the moon waited til i saw point A being captured ran in unleashed my super (titan class) kill the entire team. damn screen when crazy with awards.

worst not being able to hear anybody. wish mic worked at least in the strikes.

XBLSkull1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Fun game, but visually not very impressive, that foliage looked like trash.

It's worth playing for sure but it really isn't nearly the franchise Halo has been (Especially multiplayer, not nearly Halo caliber.) Definitely not Bungie's best work, but it'll hold me for the 2 months leading up to the Master Chief Collection.

die_fiend1448d ago


You're quite the fanboy troll. In what way is this not a franchise like Halo is? This is a Halo killer by the people who invented it dumbo! Destiny felt fresh with how the multiplayer seamlessly works. Halo barely changed in the slightest throughout the 360's lifespan! I'm glad I'll be playing this fresh new game while you recycle 5 games, wishing for something good on Xbone

Relientk771448d ago

Best - playing the game

Worst - waiting for that damn long install, took forever for me

alvinmiller921448d ago

it did forever to load but so worth it in the end.

Best - My Titan

Worst - ending up in areas where enemies out ranked my level, making it impossible to kill.

DanteVFenris6661448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

You must be new to doenloadable games then, this was quick only 11 Gb. In fact I just had an update, just an update for dc universe online that was the same size. Though I put it on hold so I could download this

patelsanjeed1448d ago

I have the verizon super fios so my DL speed was blazing fast.

I enjoyed everything about the beta, didn't really find faults. I figured if there is a problem it would be fixed during the full release.

henrythomas2841448d ago

Best - experience was wearing a cool as Jedi cape

Worst - killing that spider tank, took forever.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Best experience overall was it ran smooth! no disconnection, no problems whatsoever. I enjoyed it! i was expecting things like disconnection, falling through the floor, freeze-ups, but none of that happened, seriously.
I had fun with the beta and can't wait to play this some more when it's released.
One more thing, install did not take long either!

lisamorgan41448d ago

I agree :) Best game ever, no faults here.

Soldierone1448d ago

Best - Team was down by nearly double. Within the last 5 seconds, we took the lead and won. All of us were going "wait.... we won?" haha

Worst - Snipers were OP on The Moon and the dumb tank vehicle on The Moon map was a pain in the butt.

akurtz1448d ago

Kills got you points too! We captured 2 points at the same time and i nova bombed a trip and boosted our score up to win the last few seconds! Haha fun fun :)

Soldierone1448d ago

Our team wasn't really communicating until near the end. By then we were getting our WHOLE team to capture points, since the other team kept taking them. Having ALL your guys standing in the circle for 75 points each versus one person taking it back means you get way more points :P I think that is why we won.

Me and another guy also had 6000 points from kills too.

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