The Top 50 Best Indie iOS Games of 2014 So Far

Grab It Magazine have compiled the top 50 best games of 2014 so far, from January to June. You’re sure to find plenty of fantastic experiences in the list that will suit your particular taste perfectly.

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Cookiebex1454d ago

Better get started. Never left wanting for a great iPad game these days

shipnabottle1454d ago

Wow that's a crazy list and only halfway through the year!

SlappingOysters1454d ago

I wonder if you compared this list to a top 50 from console land how it would go. Not even sure if 50 console games have even come out let alone 50 as consistently good as these - been a super slow year on my Xbox thus far.

CoyoteHunter1454d ago

Wow, what an amazing list for being only half way through the year. And there's some pretty awesome games on the horizon too!

SlappingOysters1454d ago

Is it cheating to have VVVVVV in there - didn't it come out a few years ago on another format?

incredibleMULK1454d ago

tablets are taking over!!!! run for the hills puny consoles!

Indies are also taking over! clash of the $2 games!!