Platinum Games' Legend of Korra looks mind-bendingly action-packed

Destructoid: "A new 15-minute-long gameplay video has been released for The Legend of Korra beat-'em-up by Platinum Games. It shows off a variety of combos and elemental abilities, including nods to the series such as the ability to ride an air scooter. Here's what I've gleaned from the footage."

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randomass1711395d ago

That... actually doesn't look that bad. Looks like Platinum's working their magic again.

rdgneoz31395d ago

Reminds me of the Naruto Ninja Storm series.

MegaRay1395d ago

Yup. Day one for me. Hopefully if this sold well, we'll get an Aang game from them.

maniacmayhem1395d ago

Wow, I wish someone would have handed Young Justice to Platinum. Because Platinum can do no wrong, even a budgeted kids game has the Platinum polish.

XiSasukeUchiha1395d ago

This actually...looks nice believe it or not.

Outside_ofthe_Box1395d ago

Dang, Platinum Games nailed the combat.

Imalwaysright1395d ago

It's Platinum Games. It's gonna be awesome.

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