Polygon- The Last of Us Review Update: Remastered on PS4

Polygon- "While this is a great package for anyone who hasn't played The Last of Us yet, it also includes some nice elements for people who are already hardcore fans. A great, feature-length documentary on the making of the game is included on the disc, as is optional commentary for the cinematics, with thoughts from the game's director and lead voice actors. There's also a photo mode like the one added to Infamous: Second Son, which allows players to take some absolutely gorgeous shots of the game.

The core gameplay of The Last of Us remains untouched. All of the issues I had related to encounter design, weird AI glitches and likewise were still evident in my time with Remastered. I still didn't enjoy the gunplay this time around, but I must admit that it feels better with the DualShock 4 and a slightly tweaked control scheme."

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ArchangelMike1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

hmm... I was expecting a 6 from Poygon. What happened? Sounds like someone had a large helping of 'humble pie' o.0

user74029311274d ago

people called them on there bs. so they give it a score that they feel they can get away with.

Mr Pumblechook1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

It's funny how Polygon only deem this worthy of a review update, an amendment to the end of the original text. I suspect when Halo: The Master Chief Collection is released they will go the whole hog and give it a separate review.

ziggurcat1274d ago


and since MS funded their website, it's going to be an automatic 10/10, too...

EData1274d ago

lol, I remember their original TLoU score. So salty from them. I love it.

mixolydian_id1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

@ ziggurcat - MS funded Polygon?

TLOU remastered... is only what it says on the tin.

Same engine... same audio... same trophys... same game entirely.

They've just buffed the textures/resolution and framerate. That's not even because of their own great work... that's simply due to the new console hardware capabilities.

It's not like a lot of work was involved to make this happen. The work was already done, it just had to be toned right down to fit on the previous gen console.

It doesn't warrant a 10/10... an entirely new game to the same calibre would warrant a good review.

It's more like 13/20, if you get where I'm coming from

Hell... calling it a remaster is a bit of a joke, it's just a next gen port of a PS3 game.

UltraNova1273d ago


Your "comment" was very entertaining! :-)

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Insomnia_841274d ago

Well, they threw that Polygone bit in there...

"I might not adore The Last of Us as much as the crowd that Remastered is clearly targeting"

According to this, the author believes this remastered is CLEARLY targeting those who already played the game lol

Then in that very same paragraph to close the article...

"It reminds me of a great Director's Cut DVD of a beloved movie..."

See what he did there?

Polygon lol

jeeves861274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

According to his review, the author also states that this game targets not only those who didn't play the game, but offers a nice bonus for people that did.

"While this is a great package for anyone who hasn't played The Last of Us yet, it also includes some nice elements for people who are already hardcore fans."

The analogy of the Director's Cut DVD seems pretty spot on.

Did you miss that?

mrpsychoticstalker1274d ago

I still prefer the Ps3 version. It's basically the same as the PS4.

II still don't get why so many fans will buy this game again at full price if it only improved slightly?

killer4fun531273d ago

@mrpsychoticstalker i am buying it for the multiplayer

Magicite1273d ago

polygon and gamespot are on the same level now, both loaded with crap.

AceBlazer131274d ago

Didn't they give it a 6 or 7(somewhere there) on ps3? How can they increase the score? It's literally the same game. Polygon is utter trash when it comes to reviewing anything that didn't come out of Microsoft's pocket apparently.

JoGam1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Wait wait wait, are you saying they gave the PS3 version a 6 or 7? Wow

CernaML1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

They gave it a 6.

edit- Oops nvm. Quarter to Three gave it a 6.
Polygon gave a 7.5.

-Foxtrot1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

So they give it a 7.5 and then a 8...they really don't want to give it a 9 or 10 do they.

The review of the PS3 version was a joke. I remember seeing they criticized the weapon sway despite the fact it's a thing you can upgrade...being realistic and all

ziggurcat1274d ago

... because there's no weapon sway in any other video game ever made /s


lolygon is a joke. only adding .5 to their original review score? why bother.

DevilishSix1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Wow how unexpected the xbox fanboy editor site give it an 8 (sarcasm).

Speak_da_Truth1274d ago

Oh Polygon....... I don't need to say much its Polygon

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