Mortal Kombat X Sub-Zero Wallpaper Released

One Angry Gamer "Netherrealm Studios released a brand new wallpaper of Sub-Zero from the upcoming fighting game, Mortal Kombat X. The new wallpaper gives you a slick look at the ice-man, the caustic causer of cold, the deep freeze decapitator, Sub-Zero. I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more wallpapers pop up as the game creeps closer to its release in 2015."

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mrpsychoticstalker1452d ago

It's about time Subzero gets the victory. SCORPIO and ERMAC my all time favorites, but Subzero deserves the title.

GeofferyPeterson1452d ago

Subzero can sit on a icicle. True MK fans crave Scorpion's ruthless demeanor!

Team_Litt1452d ago

What no Scorpion spear through his chest or sword ready to decapitate him? Did Ed Eyebrows Boon approve of this?

SteamPowered1452d ago

Love the dark turn the series is taking. I loved me some MK9, but I am incredibly excited about this iteration of the series. Noob Saibot all day baby!

mafiahajeri1452d ago

My favourite character of all time.

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