Before There Was Skyrim… Look What I Found In My Closet

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Before there was Skyrim fantasy gaming still existed.

I know it’s late July, but I finally got around to doing some much needed spring cleaning. My house was starting to look like Breezehome after a month of dungeon diving, and the clutter was building up (all right, maybe not as bad as Breezehome with cheese wheels and assorted bits of armor and weapons scattered about, but nasty nonetheless).

This weekend I tackled the bedroom closet and did some serious work, winnowing my collection of superhero t-shirts, books, and camping gear. Among the flotsam and jetsam of my de-hoard, I came across two ancient Atari 2600 games that brought a smile to my face. Check out the pictures below:"

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MysticStrummer1448d ago

Ahhh yes. Venture was the reason I wanted a Colecovision.

When I saw the title I thought yeah well The Elder Scrolls games have been around for about twenty years, but this guy went back much farther. He could go all the way back to Adventure on the 2600, and maybe earlier than that.