Take A Look At Destiny's New Map Twilight Gap

GameVerb writes: Have a look at the brand new competitive multiplayer map known as Twilight Gap.

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SCW19821395d ago

Sounds like an awesome name for female anatomy. 😝

Relientk771395d ago

Map looks sick

definitely getting this, the beta was awesome

marlinfan101395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

looks great.. the only MP map i didnt care for was the moon one. besides that i think they've been awesome.

Squeaky_door1395d ago

Wow incredible looking map. Can't wait.

I hope they have a large scale(larger than moon) map, in the vein of Coagulation

Kavorklestein1395d ago

Oh my hell lol this guy's voice sounds like he eats sleeps and breathes video games. It's a full time job for some haha Map does look cool tho