Assassin's Creed Unity Embraces RPG Features; New Lady Assassin and Game Size Revealed

GameVerb writes: Brand new details about Assassin’s Creed Unity reveal new RPG features, possible new lady assassin, game length, map size, and much more.

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Vantage1451d ago

Lets just a new character for everyone who complains.

imXify1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Yeah cause it takes less than two months to draw, 3D model, voice and animate a female assassin. Everything is planned waaay before.

die_fiend1451d ago

You know how big the AC teams are? They didn't exclude a female character so they could get berated by fans claiming sexis, only to have it in the pipeline.

You're one of those 'Everything is a conspiracy' people aren't you...

imXify1451d ago

When they present a game at E3 to launch it the same year in the holiday, most likely they are already done with everything and are doing polishing and game testing.

vishmarx1451d ago

gameplay wise there isnt a single thing that interests me

camel_toad1451d ago

I think Assassin's Creed as a whole is a great concept and I have fun in general but it always feels like its just not as good as it could be. I really think they need some of the gameplay directors or programmers replaced with some fresh talent.

iamnsuperman1451d ago


I feel that is because the AC developers never focus on what AC should be and instead are intent of filling the world with more guff. Some of the guff is good but it should not be the focus. For a start stealth mechanics and mission structure need an overhaul. The latter in particular. After X amount (since AC2)of games the missions structure has not changed. It is the same types over and over again and it is getting a bit boring.

ironfist921450d ago

TBH, I people like AC more for its story, setting and characters rather than its gameplay. The gameplay, while nothing special, works for furthering the story.

3-4-51451d ago

There were female assassins in Brotherhood years ago. Why doesn't anybody else remember this ?

ironfist921450d ago

Gamers have ADHD.

Its the only conclusion I have come up with, unfortunately.

n4rc1451d ago

I'll be honestly pissed at ubisoft if they added a female assassin because of a bunch of whiners.. So much for artistic integrity huh?

I'm gonna start a petition for all future tomb raider games to feature a male lead.. And Nathan drake needs to be black and master chief had damn well better be gay!

Lol.. Cmon!!!

ironfist921450d ago

I honestly dont think t was added post-controversy.

Ive been watching behind the scenes footage of the game, and they clearly show the voice acting, modelling and in-game cut scenes of her, which shows she was developed long ago and is an integral part of the story, not something added just last week.

Perhaps they tailor made this specific trailer to appease those who moronically assume Ubisoft sexist, but Elise surely is a developed character (which wouldnt be the case if she was added recently, then we have articles like "AC female is not as developed as her male counterparts, Ubisoft are sexist!"

SpiralTear1451d ago

For everyone who's chewing out Ubisoft on the female assassin thing, it's just another story character, not a playable one. Skip to 5:58 and they detail her character.

Vantage1451d ago

I've been exposed as not having watched the video, how embarrass for poor Vantage.

n4rc1451d ago

Ahh.. Didn't watch long enough

That's cool.. Gotta love headlines lol

DFogz1451d ago

Not a fan of the new eagle vision and being able to see through walls. Preferred it to just highlight what was visible.
Also don't like all the icons all over the place, but past AC games were pretty good at allowing you to turn those on/off so I hope this one follows that trend.
Otherwise, it looks like it's shaping up to be the best AC so far.

Chii0819941451d ago

hahaha its like giving candy to the whining babies... im not being sexist but why does Ubisoft have to ruin their artistic integrity for some whiners.. i mean,the dev want to create the game for what they think is right, having no female lead doesn't mean they spit on females..

how i wish i can comeback to the old days where nba video games have female characters....oh wait,there are no female characters in NBA games uptil now, LETS START A RIOT!!

DFogz1451d ago

Did you watch the video?
There's still no female lead, and the "lady assassin" isn't playable. This is a character that has been planned from the beginning as part of Arno's story.

Chii0819941451d ago

Yeah bro i watched it, hehe i was referring to those who whine about not having female playable characters =)

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