The Last of Us Remastered Reviews: 60fps Is Massive Improvement, PS4 Port Not Necessary

While The Last of Us Remastered is generally lauded for it's masterful storytelling and near perfection of a genre, there are a few noteworthy points common in each opinion.

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Insomnia_841119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

With 50% of PS4 owners coming from Xbox 360 how is the Remastered of one of the best games last gen not necessary? And with $30 worth of DLC that I didn't play on PS3, it is very worth getting on top of the technical improvements it has for $50.

idlet1119d ago

It's definitely a valuable pick up for a lot of people. I think the common consensus was that there isn't a lot of distance between the original and remaster. So while people didn't feel it was a crucial release, it's still worthy and very well put together.

Maddens Raiders1119d ago

TLOU is hype I can believe in. I can hardly wait til tomorrow to play through it all again.

truefan11119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Man you guys kill me with that 50% did not own a ps3 crap, sony is just spewing numbers to justify remasters and ports. Only 7 million out of 83 million bought the tlou on ps3, which is only 8%. Now all of a sudden a greater % of people are supposed to buy it for ps4? That doesn't make any sense to me. The main people that buy tlour will be from that 7 million that bought it for ps3, not from the made up 50% that didn't own a ps3.

The reason tlour is coming out now is because they wanted to maximize ps3 sales before offering a double dipping opportunity with ps4.

Allsystemgamer1119d ago

Sony is making up numbers you say?

LordMaim1119d ago

Maybe you're just spewing numbers to drag down one of the best games ever made because it's only available on a system you don't like.

dedicatedtogamers1119d ago

Considering all of the remasters already out as well as the ones on the way, what exactly is wrong with a remaster? The PS4 version is objectively superior to the PS3 version in every technical aspect by a fairly wide margin, the 60 FPS only being one part of the picture.

Nothing wrong with wanting to maximize sales of the game and maximize potential sales of the eventual Last of Us 2, which will be coming out on PS4 some time down the road.

I swear, some people get so angry about what other people decide to buy. When it comes to something as silly as this, why get mad?

805Junior8051119d ago

Your very biased towards anything Sony does. I see in the near future, you being in every Master Chief articles, and boasting that it's the greatest thing ever created. Many PS4 owners came from the 360. I highly doubt that they will be willing to spend 250$ to buy a ps3 to play this game, so it gives those select few the opportunity to play this amazing game.

Pogmathoin1119d ago

For once I agree with you dedicated..... Looking forward to picking up GTA5 again, and Halo collection.....nothing wrong with having great games look even better....

ger23961119d ago

Dude, just quit already. I know it hurts.Those numbers will also be from Xbox owners who are making the jump to ps4. Yes the game is that good.

stuna11119d ago

Then die already! That'll just mean 1 less person person telling me why I shouldn't buy a PS4 version of a game I didn't experience on the PS3.

Your words are falling on deaf ears for those just like me who will buy it on their PS4.

Delive1119d ago

This is not a jab. You asked what is wrong with remasters. IMHO, I believe they are being used to supplement a lack of new, top tier titles for the ps4. Yes, they are great games, mostly, but i believe that since most of the big named games were pushed to late 2014 and beyond, the library needed something to keep gamers happy. In comes remasters and indie titles. Games that can be ported quickly while gamers are waiting for the next big Sony games, announced and unannounced. I buy remasters some of the time, but i chose to pass on TLOU. Great game, but i didn't play online much and the story was just as good on ps3. Nothing against those who get it though.

marioJP871119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

100% agreed. It's just PS4 Sony fanboys talking out the arse with excuses for this resolution/fps "remaster".

Chevalier1119d ago

Sure Sony are terrible for remastering last years best game.

Tomb Raider
Metro Redux
Halo Collection - guess MS are just as bad?!

Other games being released for the millionth time.

Walking Dead season 1

Also on the way.

Wolf Among Us
Walking Dead season 2

Sharky2311119d ago

So did every xbox owner buy halo? No... So you post is pointless!

reko1119d ago


link or stfu

Clarence1119d ago

Yeah just like M$ is doing with the Halo remastered

CuddlyREDRUM1119d ago

You speak the truth, which is why they hate you.

PeaSFor1118d ago

dat truefan salty tears, anyway, Twinfinite is just a bunch of dumbass anyway, 99% of their articles are retarded and wack.

Themba761118d ago

man your delusional im one of the main ones who didn't own a ps3 (I didn't own a ps2 for that matter) all xbox here. I got sick of microsoft and decided to try to change things up and give sony a go so far im extremly impressed so no it's not made up.

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CuddlyREDRUM1119d ago

You are using Sony's PR numbers.

You think early adopters are half of which never owned a PS3? If Microsoft said half the owners of Xbox One never owned a 360, would you believe it? That is something Yoshida put out right before Last Of Us was announced for PS4.

Come on, it is a cash grab.

Bennibop1119d ago

It's necessary for those who didn't own a ps3 last gen, same goes for those that did not own an xbox and any of the Halo series with regards halo collection

JoGam1119d ago

It was necessary to me and I had it on PS3. It was a game I was playing a lot before the PS4 dropped. But since having the PS4 I no longer played it. I'M BACK BABY. Multiplayer HERE I COME.

Bennibop1119d ago

I finished it on PS3 and have it on order for PS4, going to try Platinum this time around. I was not saying that it was not necessary if you have already bought it!

LordMaim1119d ago

So how can the port be unnecessary if 60FPS is a "massive improvement"?

MysticStrummer1119d ago

It's unnecessary for guys like truefan up there who won't be getting a PS4 anyway.

Edvin19841119d ago

I am not sure why a port wasn't necessary? I mean it could have not been done on PS3. Also, if you don't care for a upgraded port DO NOT BUY IT. I beat Tomb Raider and The Last of Us on last gen systems, but I bought both on next gen as I replay those games and now they look and play better.

If you don't like it don't buy it simple as that. I do not care for sports games, but I do think they should make them as there is a group that enjoys those games.

LamerTamer1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Movies remastered on Blu-ray aren't "necessary" either if they were once on VHS tape as well then, right?

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