Gamers Become Disappointed in Destiny Overnight

Destiny has been riding high on a wave of hype since its announcement in February, 2013. Pitched as a genre-defying shooter/RPG/MMO, Bungie struck marketing gold with their slow trickle of images, videos, and announcements. Finally, after the open beta finished a few days ago, gamers had an image and hopes of what the final game will be like. Not a day later, those hopes shattered.

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ArchangelMike1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Well I had hours and hours of fun with the tiny slice of Destiny that I got to Beta test. If it was live, I'd still be playing it and doing the same 4 missions, exploring Old Russia and taking down Sepiks Prime. Between that and the Crucible, it was hours and hours of fun.

The full game will offer at least 8 times the amount of missions and content? Well that's plenty for me. It's a bonus that I won;t have to wait a year for the 2 DLC packs either.

Naa, I got nothing to worry about, I'll be loving every minute of Destiny come 09/09/14!!!

GiggMan1452d ago

Destiny is the new cool thing to hate on. That's all. You got certain groups of people (and publications) that feel obligated to dislike things that are popular to most.

ThatOneRiggaNob1452d ago

What if people actually just don't like the game or some parts of the game? I played the game and enjoyed the co-op portion but didn't care too much for the multiplayer portion. Am I one of the people who is just finding a reason to dislike the game because it's popular?

GiggMan1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

You have every right not to like it but you have to admit that the beta was a renowned success. Nobody is going to like every aspect of a game.

I for one think that the moon PVP area should be bigger if you are going to have vehicles. It's a gripe but it "didn't change my decision over night" like the title said.

The people that are being really vocal about the game all of a sudden are the ones that I'm talking about. It happens with big games. You have a certain vocal group of people that are going to complain about a game regardless just to seem cool or edgy...

patsrule3161452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


That is almost word for word what I was going to say, so I will just give you a 'Well said!'

Specter2291452d ago

I'm a little disappointed you had to attempt a fanboy war with your not having to wait a year for dlc comment. Almost had a bubble up... almost.

dcj05241452d ago

How's that a fanboy war lol? He's stating fact not fiction.

Specter2291452d ago

But there really was no cause for it. We all know playstation gets the DLC there was no point to salting the wound of the xbox fanboys.

patsrule3161451d ago

Actually, when I read that part of the comment, I didn't connect it to the Xbox having to wait a year. The 2 DLC packs won't take a year for either system that I know of. Both Xbox and PS should be getting The Dark Below and The House of Wolves around the same time. The Xbox owners will have to wait for the exclusive content (1 strike mission, 1 crucible arena, 1 armor for each class, and 2 guns), but that isn't that big a deal.

Specter2291451d ago

I'm not sure the original poster was aware of that. After all the flame wars going on on this this site it seemed like a shot at the Xbox patrons. But meh im gonna go pick up TLOU and see what all the fuss is about.

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Gozer1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I had a blast with the beta. I like the rpg aspects that I saw. Loved the Story, Strike, and Explore missions. Loved the PvE.

The only complaint I have with the beta is the Crucible. It is in unbalanced hell currently imo. The Supers are overpowered, and vehicles are overpowered. A lot of the weapons that are awesome in the PvE are almost worthless in the Crucible, because you die the instant you make contact with an opposing player. They need to up the survivability some imo. If they would just go to the 2 attack combo(like Halo)to get a kill, it would greatly improve the PvP. If Bungie can get the Crucible gameplay straightened out, Destiny could be a contender for GOTY imo. Ill buy Destiny even if the Crucible ends up sucking, because I like everything else about the game, but it would greatly reduce the amount of time I hope to spend with the game.

PsylentKiller1452d ago

My sentiments exactly. I loved the PvE. Those raid events were awesome. I just wish there was a way to communicate with those outside of your fire team. The map of Old Russia was a bit disappointing , though. The way the story missions were laid out on the map made it look like the levels would be in totally different locales.
I did not play the crucible too much, maybe five or so matches. I didn't like it at first but by the fourth or fifth match I was getting the hang of it. The time between contact with another player and death is CoD like. However, I don't think this is a bad thing. It's just different from Halo and that's where I think a lot of people take issue. I felt similarly, I felt like I was playing a Halo game and was expecting the interactions to be somewhat lengthy.
Overall, I loved the beta. Even when the hype eventually dies, even if it reaches disinterest of Titanfall or Killzone levels, I can still see myself exploring this world and demolishing dregs, captains, devil walkers, etc.

Whoever is on PS4, you can add me. Same for XBO. It's PsylentKiller for both but at the moment I'm only getting Destiny for PS4. I may possibly pick it up for XBO as well down the line.

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The_Sneauxman1452d ago

I'm not disappointed in the slightest. I think the cool thing to do is to hate on Bungie right now. I had a blast with the beta and it was the smoothest beta I've ever had the privilege to test. I'm all in!

Slick811452d ago

Game got boring quick I was falling asleep in some of those boss missions

OrangePowerz1452d ago

You should have played them on hard in that case ;-)

Becuzisaid1452d ago

I played 12 hours of one explorable location. That's more time than I put into a lot of games now. And this was a beta.

Chuk51452d ago

That title is disingenuous.

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