Persona 5 Confirmed For Tokyo Game Show?

After many months of silence, it has apparently been announced that ATLUS have confirmed the presence of Persona 5 at TGS.

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Snookies121423d ago

Been waiting for what seems like forever for new info on this game... I really hope we'll get to see a bit of in-game footage.

DonDon1423d ago

Me too. Persona 3 and 4 are greatest JRPG's of all time. Atlus has been too quiet lately.

TheTowelBoy1423d ago

I'm not even entirely concerned about the gameplay! I want to see the characters :)

AceBlazer131423d ago

I'm hoping and praying for a surprise ps4 version to be announced. It doesn't even have to look better than the ps3 version or anything, I would be content if they literally just copy pasta it onto ps4.

Blank1423d ago

Yes!!! Soon!! I will finally see persona 5! After TGS previews im going on a persona black out to the best of my ability! The wait has been so long but my thoughts that perfection can not be rushed was what kept me going!

nope1111423d ago

Trailer. I need a trailer.

And another trailer for P4DAN.

rextraordinaire1423d ago

I'll take anything. Character art, persona design, locales. Whatever. I just need one single screenshot to keep my hype train going!! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.