Does Destiny Suffer From an Identity Crisis?

The Destiny beta finished a couple of days ago now, and the larger gaming community finally understands what Bungie meant when they refused to label it with genres - or do they? When Bungie married a myriad of genres into one undefinable experience and called it Destiny, they may have spread it too thinly.

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Gozer1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I don't think there is any denying that Destiny has taken inspiration from several different games, and genres. I just hope they can get the Crucible gameplay smoothed out, and balanced. That was the only aspect of Destiny I found to be weak, and its an equally important piece of the game imo.

TheCatsMeow1304d ago

I felt like Destiny was a unique experience. It felt familiar, but with a breath of fresh, open atmosphere.

ATi_Elite1304d ago

It felt like Halo to me but with a strong upgrade. Ieven found myself saying kill the covenent at times.

But like i said i have no problem with its Halo feel heck Halo is a grand series.