1996's Killer Instinct 2 to possibly be re-released on Xbox One

A Korean Game Rating Board Submission could indicate a possible re-release to 1996's Killer Instinct 2 on Xbox One.

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XiSasukeUchiha1454d ago

That would certainly be awesome:)

AngelicIceDiamond1454d ago

Is the 96 the Gold Edition? I heard it wasn't all that cracked up to be.

Dannyh1454d ago

Killer instinct gold was good but it was 69.99 for n64 when it came out

XtraTrstrL1454d ago

KI2 in general wasn't what it was cracked up to be. It sucked, any true KI fan would tell you that. Crappy idea for a remaster. Just move onto a whole new KI, rather than punish people with that horrible waste of code.

LOL @ all these supposed KI fans that think this is good news. KI was an amazing and original fighter that lasted forever in arcades. KI2 was such a letdown and downgrade from KI, and died out super quickly in comparison because of that. Plus, the characters were pretty random and overall quality of the game was not at KI's caliber. Guess its just young X1 owners that don't really know the game who are getting all excited.

KaladinStormblessed1454d ago

It's an awesome game, but there are a lot of remakes, remastered and re-releases going on this gen.

Mikefizzled1454d ago

To be fair this will only be available as part of Killer Instinct (2013) Season 2 Ultra Edition.

Sitdown1454d ago

Not sure that really makes sense... Unless the owners of the ultra and pin edition of season one get some kind of discount.

mkis0071454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

There were al ot of re-releases last gen too, it just happned later on in the consoles lives.

R&C 3 games collection plus Deadlocked
Killzone 1 Remaster
Jack and Daxter 3 games collection
God of War 1+2 and psp games remaster
Sly Cooper 3 games collection
Metal gear collection 3 games
Kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 6 games total
Ico/Shadow of Collosus
Halo Anniversary
Fable Anniversary
Silent Hill collection
Tomb Raider Collection
Prince of Persia Collection
Devil may Cry collection
Splinter cell collection
Zone of enders
Tony hawk
plus numerous download only games...

So far this gen we have
Tomb Raider
The Last of Us
Some award winning dl indies like Flower/Journey

Not even released yet
Metro 1+2
Halo MCC 1+2+3+4

I fail to see a problem.

user74029311454d ago

i got it bundled in the 90's with my snes. amazing fighting game. i may look for a snes on amazon

GamingSinceThe80s1454d ago

The arcade KI 1 comes with the new KI for XboxOne.Other then some scan lines its pretty much arcade perfect.

ma1asiah1454d ago

Given that Maya is from the original KI 2, and is the new character revealed by Iron Galaxy then I believe that much like season 1 of KI for Xbox One that if you buy the Ultra edition of Season 2 then this will include the original KI 2.

Just an assumption at this stage though.

Stryfeno21454d ago

Hopefully MS will include it with Season 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.