Fantastic Destiny Timelapse Video from PS4 Beta Show Some of the Best Skies in Gaming

Bungie’s Destiny is most definitely one of the games with the best skies in the industry, especially thanks to its beautiful clouds and today a video shows exactly that.

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masterfox1423d ago

Well that was pretty damn cool.

JoGam1423d ago

I wanna learn how to do Timelapse.

cleft51423d ago

Timelapse is just a normal video speed up by 2 or more times. So think fast forward a movie, that is timelapse. The trick is to record something that moves very slowly so when you speed the time up it appears to be moving at normal or 2 times normal speed.

Dynasty20211423d ago

Best skies in gaming?

RAGE says Hi. Skyrim says Hi.

I'm sorry, I really, genuinely enjoyed the beta, but the sky during the loading screen when the voiceover kicks in and your ship is flying is just terrible.

AndrewLB1423d ago

Exactly. Those clouds look like complete garbage compared to these for example:

and here:

Qrphe1423d ago

>good-looking anything


jcole971423d ago

Anyone thought of paranormal activity? lol

ic3fir31423d ago

amazing skies in 2D lol

AndrewLB1423d ago

Those clouds so remind me of n64 games with the layered 2d painted clouds moving different speeds and directions.

cyclindk1423d ago

I dont recall beign blown away by the skies... Weird. As someone mentioned above, for all its faults, RAGE did have some pretty skies.

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