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"One of the best games of the last generation is improved in it's final edition."

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user74029311398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

and another one

XiNarutoUzumaki1398d ago

Nothin' can stop this train!

XiSasukeUchiha1398d ago

Nothing in this world can stop this package.

funkybudda1398d ago

the universal language for gamers: 10/10 or else for TLOU Remastered for PS4.

BG115791398d ago

Holy crap, didn't see that much 10/10 since Zelda Ocarina of time for the N64.

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Bigpappy1398d ago

I'll say goo luck to all who plan on buying or re-buying this game. Hope you also thing it's a 10/10 the review says it is.

Eonjay1398d ago

The game definitely is superior to many other gaming experiences. I having played the game definitely agree with the score.

My only regret is that it is exclusive. If it was on other platforms, we could get over the fanboy fighting and really appreciate this work of art. It elevates the industry.

Bigpappy1398d ago

I am sure those who think it deserves a 10/10 genuinely believe that. I have never played it, so I don't have an opinion that supports or opposes that view.

My favorite game of all time is Morrowind. I thought that game not only elevate, but influence the industry. That game did opened world so well, that it is now a major selling point across genre.

Could you point out what it is about this game that elevates the industry? It may help me better understand your enthusiasm. I have mostly herd that the graphics are good and it takes you on a movie like ride with story telling and emotional. Those are all good qualities, but I am not sure that is what I personally am drawn to in a game. Give me your take on what makes it 10/10. I wouldn't give Morrowind 10/10 but would argue against the score either.

Eonjay1398d ago


Sure. Yes, the graphics are excellent, the story is intense, but it is the sum of all these parts that makes it a solid 10. The gameplay is a real standout. The cinematics never get in the way of gameplay. And at times, they are blended in a perfect way. Like the part where the Joel get injured and the game forces you to carry out the mission even though you are seriously disadvantaged.

Most importantly, the ending really enshrined the game as a classic, because even though its unavoidable, people really have varying opinions about whether it was right or not. Varying, passionate opinions.

Its that dialogue that ensued after the Ellie's final lines that opens up a can of worms.

Other than that, there are dozens of reasons to fall in love with this game. The incredibly believable destopia; captured through sheer detail of diverse environments. The nuance conversations between the characters that evolve and the incredibly situations they overcome together. Its the feeling of real loss when someone dies.

HeWhoWalks1398d ago

Why does it HAVE to elevate the industry? Not that The Last Of Us DIDN'T elevate it, in some way (it is the most awarded game in history, after all), but I don't get why his enthusiasm is owed an explanation, especially one that means the game has to match a level of "moving the industry" in some substantial way.