The Witcher 3 Doug Cockle Comic Con Interview

Doug Cockle, the voice of CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, discusses bringing Geralt of Rivia to life in all three games in this exclusive interview from San Diego Comic Con 2014.

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mep691421d ago

Ye, this guy gets it.
"we're all humans, sex and violence is all part of being human."

Now I wish people would just admit to that, stfu and move on.

FalloutWanderer20771418d ago

A damn shame we still need to worry and have people make such a big deal over sex in gaming. Violence has been a part of gaming as far as I can remember but sex,what little there has been in gaming so far has been heavily frowned upon,to the point it's ridiculous.

These same people bitching about it I'd imagine engage in sexual intercourse themselves OR maybe they don't and they are just severely jealous so they complain and seek out scapegoats!

Me? I cannot wait to see all the nudity,sex and intimate relationship bits that will be included in The Witcher 3. Of course, I look forward to the story and gameplay much more but the point I'd like to make is that nudity and sex ,if handled well can improve a game.