Is Nintendo Affected By Fan Petitions?

One of the writers here at NintendoEnthusiast talks about whether or not Nintendo of America is affected by fan petitions. They say they are not but some of their actions speak differently. What do you think? Do you believe they are? Or are their business decisions just a coincidence?

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randomass1711455d ago

Probably not. I've never heard of an online petition that succeeded in its goal.

brettnll1455d ago

Opperation Rainfall, I talk about it in the article. :)

randomass1711455d ago

Well I'll be darned. I didn't think about Operation Rainfall. I really shouldn't comment when I'm sleepy lol. But that's a fair point as fan reaction for the Wii RPGs was pretty loud especially for Xenoblade. I think fan petitioning will be one of the few ways we will see Wii U get more third party games like Destiny and Minecraft if those games ever come. Internet demand is now stronger than ever, just look at the big changes for Xbox One.

WPX1455d ago

Not only did they respond, but not for one game but THREE at a time. Wasn't a part of the petition myself but I am a happy owner of all three games petitioned.

Dunno if other companies truly respond or ignore the fan petitions. Specially after SoulCalibur II HD and Destiny.
They say if fan demand is there (which I think it is) the games will come to Wii U(which demand status for both examples is unknown... to me).

deafdani1455d ago

I'd say yes, sometimes. They just take their damn sweet time complying. :P

Kevlar0091455d ago

Nintendo won't admit it, but they are. If enough people say "we will buy this game" and it's calculated to be worth a profit, Nintendo will comply... eventually

Nintendo doesn't want to be put in a position where they feel obligated to follow or respond to every fan/public demand. They like to do things their way, for better or for worse

wonderfulmonkeyman1455d ago

Y'know, it's funny, but the first part of your comment speaks in direct opposition to Nintendo's decision to acquire exclusivity of Bayonetta 2.

I mean, the first one sold so badly that no one in Sega, Microsoft, or Sony wanted to head up the project.

By the logic you've put out here, it would follow that Nintendo should be seeing those low profits and saying "no", too, but look where we are now with that case...

I think Nintendo is just random and quirky in their decisions regarding what they do and don't invest in.
They don't like following the crowd and they always think about what games would feel like a good fit for their vision for their latest console, or for what they feel the market wants to see out of them...[so long as the market doesn't want them going third party, that is.XD]

R00bot1454d ago

I have a strange feeling that Bayonetta 2 will do much better than 1 ever did. Possibly because it's getting much, much more attention. It's basically being seen as a Nintendo game, which is always a good thing, because some say that only Nintendo games sell on Nintendo consoles.

pop-voxuli1455d ago

Operation Rainfall says "YES" they do.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1455d ago

nope. Reggie already said those three game localization wasn't because of the petition. It was whether or not it would be profitable for them.

Dunban671455d ago

Nintendo probably listens to its fans/customers less than most consumer companies but that is not to say they don t listen at all- prob just not much or very often

Re petitions I would say that the actual buyers of a game would be larger than the number of signatures it gathers- The petition for Majoras s Mask has 55,000 now and that is a strong number of signatures but if they released the game tomorrow there would be a lot more sales than 55,000

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