PlayStation 4 – A Victory for Marketing and PR

Despite recent price cuts, the Xbox One continues to trail behind the ever-popular PS4 in just about every major market - but why?

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bicfitness1397d ago

They also trumped MS in engineering this round, not only with more powerful hardware, but also better development tools. Particularly compared to the nightmare the PS3 was to code for, last gen. And their message has been consistent, even if it is somewhat fabricated. MS have waffled from every position imaginable since the initial unveiling, and their product is still struggling for an identity.

user74029311397d ago

they also have the highest rated next gen game on both platforms. tlou

randomass1711397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Technically according to Metacritic the highest rated game is still Super Mario Galaxy. But I get what you mean since The Last of Us is arguably still one of the most talked about games of the previous and soon current generation.

edit: Also PS4's strength comes with being a developer and consumer friendly console. It's easy for developers to work with, especially indies and it's not terribly expensive for the consumer. It's pretty much a win-win all around.

Liam23821397d ago

Agree. The PS4 is a well built machine, but the message is still the difference. PS4, as you say, has been consistent while the Xbox One (until recently), has been all over the shop

Liam23821397d ago

Yes, the Last of Us is great, but it was great on PS3 and most of us haven't long finished it. I didn't buy my PS4 to play games I was playing last year.

MysticStrummer1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Most of who?

The best selling games aren't bought by even 1/4 of the install base, so most have never played TLoU even if they only had a PS3 last generation.

OT - Odd how PR and Marketing work out when they're promoting a great product...

ATi_Elite1397d ago

No PR or Marketing about it as the PS4 is just a more powerful machine while MS tried to push a failing Kinect.

Now with that being said the most powerful console current hot game is a remastered PS3 title????

Now that is a win for PR and Marketing

AllAboutGaming1397d ago

PlayStation 4 – A Victory For a Superior Console

Fixed the headline for you.

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