Dead Wii Reports

Two Kotaku readers report that their Wii is broken

In the first report, the reader says that the system worked sporadically for an hour and then he started getting disc read errors. Now his Wii read games about five percent of the time.
The second reader's Wii went belly-up in the middle of his network set-up.
" After the long hard months of waiting for my wii, was able to get one at target this morning. I get home, set it up, power it on and go through the initial setup. I decide to configure the online settings next, click the first connection profile, and it shuts off. Dead. I try reseating everything, but it's dead. Trying to call nintendo service, but all lines are busy, they won't even let you wait for an operator. Called Target, but of course they don't have any more. "

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UrbanJabroni4385d ago

I'll throw in that on the Gamespot forums A LOT of us are having serious problems connecting to the Wii Network.

It cannot finish the "internet test" to Nintendo, and their support forum is down. I'm guessing their servers couldn't handle the load.

Sphinx4385d ago

I did get the disc read error once, but it was because I put the disc in the wrong way. That would be funny if this guy doesn't know how to put the disc in and has no ability to learn. That, or somebody took the pic to discredit Nintendo maybe? Then again, it is not unheard of for a console launch to see its share of mishaps.
Oh, and Wii Sports is awesome... I'm taking a break as my arm is sore from bowling so much. Even my mother-in-law liked the Wii when she was over earlier... in fact, even my wife's overly critical aunt... she was talking so much smack about videogames, and how big a waste of time they are, yadda, yadda, but when she saw us playing, and when she tried golf, she had a really great time... she was laughing and hooting. Very cool.