Canada Gets PS4 Exclusive Bundle Deal Of The Century

Sony has announced Canada will be getting an exclusive PS4 bundle with a digital copy of The Last of Us Remastered edition for the RRP of $449.99, but do Canadians think this is a good deal?

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choujij1393d ago

Yes. In Canada, the PS4's regular price is $449. So this bundle is like getting the game included for free.

n4rc1393d ago


Its 450 to begin with here.. Can't argue the value there with a game like that..

If my work schedule allowed me time for a 2nd console, I'd pick that up

AllAboutGaming1393d ago

Excellent deal. North America belongs to Sony.

johnnynitross1392d ago

Yup, bought my console before they tacked another 50 bux onto it, so yeah no doubt a great deal, TLOU for free, I'll buy that for a dollar!!!!

headwing451392d ago

It's not a good deal, it's just a fair deal. The PS4 shouldn't be 449.99 in Canada in the first place. Games shouldn't be 69.99 ether.

pkb791392d ago

Could not agree more. I got my PS4 at launch for $399 luckily. But I have not and will not pay $70, more like $80 with tax, on any game. They will all go on sale eventually.

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