Adrianne Curry defends cosplayer from sexual assault at San Diego Comic Con

At SDCC 2014, America's Next Top Model Adrianne Curry becomes a real-life superhero when she takes a perpetrator of sexual harassment while cosplaying as Catwoman.

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DeadRabbits1451d ago

Dress like Halloween and you will attract creeps!

Ghost_Nappa1451d ago

Blame the victim, classy. Asshole.

Heisenburger1451d ago

These kind of stories make me hate people. How completely screwed up do you have to be so sexually assault any other human being?

Then the fact that this woman chased him down, which was admittedly reckless, and assaulted him herself. Two wrongs don't make a right. But her wrong made me feel really, really good.

Bill_Hope1451d ago

Wasn't there another case like this when a man cosplaying was raped by several other guys and someone said that he deserved it?

Pozzle1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

"These kind of stories make me hate people. How completely screwed up do you have to be so sexually assault any other human being?"

And from what I've heard, assault (sexual or otherwise) seems to happen so much at conventions too. I remember in particular an interview from a well-known Aerith cosplayer who said that people would hit her, spit on her, pull her hair, and scream insults at her solely because they hated the character Aerith. They didn't seem to know how to separate the fictional character they hated from the real-life human who was in the costume. She eventually stopped cosplaying at conventions because the attacks happened so often.

I hate the stereotype that gamers are all creepy weirdos who don't know how to act like normal human beings in public, but sadly the stereotype seems to be true for a lot of people. It's sad that a minority can ruin it for the majority.

Zjet1451d ago

How someone dresses dosent effect someone elses behaviour. Thats a poor excusw. If you are a creep its because you are a creep. Dont blame it on the atire of someone else. Thats like saying rape is ok if she dresses in a short skirt. Rape is never ok. Thats why its called rape and not sex.

KonsoruMasuta1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I hope you're not serious. She should be able to dress whatever way she wants and not have to worry about creeps touching her.

You think she looks hot? Nothing wrong with that. You don't have to be creepy about it, try to touch her, and initiate with sexual comments though.

GruntSoldier1451d ago

There ya go, blame the victim and perpetuate rape culture you ignorant f#*k!

ShaunCameron1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Or better yet, play the victim thinking that dressing provocatively doesn't invite unwanted attention.

Battlefieldlover1450d ago

@Shaun What kind of person defends rape with "she dressed sluty so she really wanted it"?

Playing victim? Momma must be so proud.

Pozzle1450d ago

"Or better yet, play the victim thinking that dressing provocatively doesn't invite unwanted attention."

How is that "playing the victim" though? Anyone who is assaulted IS a victim, regardless of whether they're wearing multiple layers of clothing in winter or dressed in a scantily-clad outfit at a convention. Nobody WANTS to be a victim. The poor woman probably wanted to go to the convention to dress up, look nice, and have a little fun, and it's sad that people can't even do that for fear of being assaulted by some weirdo who doesn't understand personal boundaries.

Spotie1450d ago

Sometimes, I wish reeducation camps weren't so unethical. Cuz I'd sure as hell send Shaun to one. Some of the crap he says makes me wonder if he knows what the real world actually is.

iceman061450d ago

@Shaun....unwanted attention does NOT equal sexual assault!!! I don't know what cave you undulated out of. But PLEASE, before you return, get some much needed perspective.

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WeAreLegion1451d ago

Such a bamf. Love Adrianne.

Kaze881450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

If a large woman tries to cosplay an anime/game character like they really are or more casually = fat bitch that should not cosplay ever.

If the woman is skinny, hot with large boobs but dresses too much for the character she is cosplaying = stupid bitch that doesnt know how the character really dresses. Probably doesnt even know anything about the character. shes not using her full potential, lame.

Hot girl with super skinny outfit just like the character (as the characters usually are) that she is cosplaying = Slutty bitch that had it coming when she was groped or raped.

Nowadays nerd standards....

sloth33951450d ago

she got kicked out before for showing too much in a costume

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