Backlash as Rust Developer Begins Development On New Game

Facepunch Studios started by Garry Newman, creator of Garry's Mod, has been met with backlash when they recently revealed a new game that they will be developing.

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ZodTheRipper1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Now THAT is worth of a backlash. Rust was heavily advertised on Steam for WEEKS as the top selling game even though it's a freaking early-access version. Now I'm glad I didn't buy into the hype even though the devs are claiming to update the game regularly... after this incredible financial success it's just wrong to start working on another game while your first game is not even released yet.

Debaitable1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Did you not read? The people who were working on rust are still working on rust. They just hired new people for a new prototype and nothing more. Do you think Rockstar isn't in the prototype stage of GTAVI as they're still working with GTAV?

I don't get why people see this as some side swing. Early access has been on Steam for awhile and people should know what they're buying themselves into. It's no secret you're getting an incomplete game.

The studio literally made the post proving that people read just the headlines.

Soldierone1398d ago

This is why you don't reward someone before they reach their goal.

randomass1711398d ago

Unless your team is massive, I don't see why you would not finish the early access game and THEN move on to the next project.

ziggurcat1398d ago

... and the problem with a studio working on more than one game at a time is... ?

Kane221398d ago

i think the problem is that. there using rust money to make this new game and people feel that money they use to buy the game should go towards finishing the game not making a different game.

ziggurcat1398d ago

it's not that uncommon for a studio to use revenue generated from one game to fund another game.

and really, what difference does it make where the money goes? if it's being used to fund another project, and not someone's coke habit, then who cares.

Gh05t1397d ago


Because this was early access. All that extra money that they are using to hire a new team to work on a new game could be used to speed up production of the game that was used to bring it in.

Most studios working on multiple titles aren't releasing early access games and the ones that I know of that are is really a joining of two teams and nothing changed.

Macdaddy711398d ago

If the same team working on both games!!!! N the first one is NOT done yet,.. Zig that's a big problem, if you was paying someone to do work for you and the same crew that's working on your project moves to another project before they finish yours you would not like it would you??? Why?? Cause for one it will take them twice as long to finish yours, n if they keep wanting money and your not getting work done, You would not be Happy...Gamers feel the same way even if it's a game,,they paid for something not finish but yet they move on the work on another project!!!!

ziggurcat1398d ago

1. they said they're funding the game:

"We’re not asking you to fund this. We’re not starting a kickstarter and begging you for money – we’re funding it."

2. they also said that the people working on Rust are still working on Rust:

"Thirdly – the people who work on Rust are working on Rust. They’re not working on prototypes. That should be very obvious by the dev-blogs we post every friday."

so really... your argument, and people's complaints are invalid.

TheDevil15inallofus1398d ago

"We're funding it" quote. Yeah, with the money earned off Rust's sales. Oops, back to the original complaint of unfinished game that people were paying for!

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