N-Europe reviews Wii Fit

Mark Lee writes:

''Late you say? We know Wii Fit has been on shelves for over a month now, and yes, many other websites have sweated out their reviews and are now getting stuck into the media's next darling. Yet N-Europe are posting their review now? Why? It's simple - because we wanted to explore every single moment Wii Fit offers. (Plus we also wanted to sit and drink Coke and play Mario Kart like the gamers we are!) It's easy to go into something like Wii Fit full of gusto. But what about now? A month later, would Wii Fit still offer all it initially promised?

It's not everyday you get to review a product which has the power to change your perception of videogames. It's not everyday said product launches alongside a new, potentially game-changing peripheral either. We embarked on our Wii Fit expedition and knew we would have to take our sweet little time.

So were did we actually begin? Like everyone else we let Wii Fit set the initial pace. As documented in our initial week of play we were sweating hard just getting to grips with the product.''

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