Thousands of Wii people waited for the Nintendo midnight launch

The Wii launch party at Times Square in New York City eventually ended up with thousands of gamers waiting in line to purchase a console at midnight.

The line hit the corner of the street and wrapped around all four sides of the city block, just so they could be the first to get their hands on the Wii. Luckily the Toys R Us store had 5,000 Wii systems in stock.

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Cyclonus4383d ago

PS3 is getting left in the f.cking DUST.

NJ1307RSX4383d ago

You are a complete idiot. There are 2 million Nintendo Wii Units available, while the PS3 is sold out everywhere.

Marty83704383d ago

There is'nt 2 million Wii's at launch,more like 400-600k.Nintendo said 2million by end of the year 6 million by march 2007.Same as what Sony are aiming for with PS3.

NJ1307RSX4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Nintendo is aiming for 2-4 million Wii's for the end of the year. They launched with at least 500-850K. Sony is said to have 6 million by March 2007. But at launch they only have 200-350K.

Cyclonus4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

I'm no MS fanboy, I just hate Sony and all their foul, mouth-breathing you.

And BTW, you better get used to that order, 360>>Wii>>>> >>>>>>>PS 3.

The PlayStation 3 is going to go the way of Neo Geo, CD-I, and 3DO.

And you Sony suck-offs can click "disagree" all you want; I wipe my ass with your opinions. ;)

NJ1307RSX4383d ago

You are an idiot. PS3 just came out, give it some time ms fanboy ;)

I just came here to check on the latest gaming news now back to Playing Resistance on my PS3 =)

I can see your already bored with your xbox 360, so much for gears of war huh...

CG4382d ago

Most of us thinks the same about the sony fanboys opinions...

Cyclonus4383d ago

That the best you got? So by your, ahem...logic, If someone isn't on their 360 24/7 they must be bored with it?

I'm actually doing two things right now:

1) Watching the Broncos.

2) Making fun of you.

3) Doing your mom.

Okay, that's three things.

Oh, and save me the violins "bu-bu-but, teh ps3 jus came ooouuuuttt" Please. Not my f.cking problem Sony can't produce sufficient units for the holiday. The "why's" are totally irrelevant. The facts are the facts. The Wii, in two days, has almost doubled what the Ps3 took a full week to reach. They made their bed by trojan-horsing on that goddamn blu-ray drive into their they're gonna die in it.

rexdriver4382d ago

I'm looking at Gamespot's ratings of Wii launch games and PS3 launch games and they're both not exactly very encouraging. There are only 2 games on Wii that appeals to me and none on PS3. I guess that means that neither are must-haves for me for the immediate future, and if I had to choose one now, I'd go with Wii.