'The Last Of Us' Remastered PS4 Review: New Detail, New Horror | HP

This is still a classic video game of the very highest order. It's dark, true and enjoyable, and it's never looked better. If you haven't played it, you must.

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XiSasukeUchiha1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

High rate for how quality.

WalterWJR1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

he try's very hard to convince people English is not his first language. For his sake I hope he's a child.

Letthewookiewin1451d ago

Playing this right now, after 3 playthroughs on PS3 I feel like Im playing it for the first time on PS4. So good.

combatcash1451d ago

Looks better than I thought it would it's a nice upgrade.

MeliMel1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Man I gotta wait til I get out of work to pick mine up.

Sh!t and either way it probably wont see any action on my PS4 til Sat/Sun. I have to beat TR first, but im at 83% so shouldn't be to long.

Edit: I dont have to wait but I hate playing multiple campaigns. I know once I start play TLOUR I wont play TR til thats done.

PaleMoonDeath1451d ago

Those of you playing TLOU for the first time, I'd KILL not to know what happens, Best gaming experience I've had since MGS3 back in 2004.

Enjoy, a game like this appear once in every 10 years folks.