New Assets Emerge From Fan-Made Mortal Kombat HD Remake, Look Phenomenal

DSOGaming writes: "Back in 2013, we informed you about Mortal Kombat HD: Kommunity Edition. Mortal Kombat HD: Kommunity Edition was a fan-made of the first MK game that looked amazing and was to be distributed for free. Unfortunately, Warner Bros sent a C&D letter to the team and as a result of that, the project was cancelled. Still, there is another project that is being developed that aims to bring a modern look at this classic fighting game."

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Mr Tretton1455d ago

Well I hope this one makes it out. I've always wanted this!

Ihatetrolls761455d ago

Looks good I'd love to play this game redone in hd I loved the arcade and picked this game up on launch day I skipped so many school lunches to but this game

waltyftm1455d ago

Looks pretty clean, love the Fatality gif.

GhostTurtle1455d ago

Sonya is really proud of her gymnast performance.

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