Has EA Ruined Sports Video Games?

July is always a slow month for new releases in video games. In 2013 shortly after releasing NCAA 14 EA announced the NCAA had ended its deal with EA due to lawsuits with former players. Then in October EA and Tiger Woods part ways and rumors quickly spread that EA was losing exclusive rights to the NFL as well. EA Sports seems to have been kick around the past 12 months and with sales starting to drop. Is it time for leagues to stop exclusive rights and allow other publishers to start making sports titles again or has EA ruined it for everyone?

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Dlacy13g1421d ago

EA didn't ruin sports games. Leagues wanting to grab the cash deal for exclusivity have. I don't fault EA for trying to get exclusivity. I do fault the leagues like the NFL for signing exclusivity deals that limit competition. Without competition its almost impossible for these sport franchises to truly evolve and innovate. As long as their is exclusivity and a push for yearly games we will be left with iteration not innovation.

ZodTheRipper1421d ago

But nobody forces EA to release yearly iterations with minor changes as a full game. That's their own, greedy decision... just like it was with BF4.

1421d ago
ZodTheRipper1421d ago

^How do you know that? That's certainly new to me.
If so, how do you explain the yearly releases of Need For Speed or how do you explain the rushed successors of Dragon Age, Battlefield, Mass Effect and Dead Space? EA would do everything to shorten development times and sports games are ideal for that, nobody notices how small the changes are because people are buying it for the license.

Rock-Lee1421d ago

To be fair... Need for Speed (and Battlefield) won't come out this year. They pushed Need for Speed till at least next year, so more development time.

brish1421d ago

"This travesty all started in 2004 when EA felt threatened by Take-Two's NFL 2k5. Not only was it a leaps and bounds improvement over Madden 04 with better gameplay and presentation, it was also budget priced at $19.99."


So today we have a worse game that costs more!?

mhunterjr1421d ago

EA alone didn't do it. The leagues with their licensing practices are equally, if not more to blame.

jnemesh1421d ago

Exclusivity deals (particularly with the NFL) have never benefitted anyone but the NFL and those who buy the exclusivity.

We would HAPPILY be playing NFL 2K14 today if it weren't for the NFL giving EA a monopoly on Football...and we would be playing it for $20-$30...and wouldn't have our Football games infested with DLC and free-to-play mechanics!

YES! EA is most definitely ruining video games!

Macdaddy711421d ago

It first started with NFL for giving One company the Exclusive deal, EA did not start out to Ruin Madden, but after getting the Exclusive they knew no one else could make a NFL game, so EA said gamers will buy whatever junk we make!! So EA just started adding updates and made mils off the game.
If EA had someone to keep them in check our sport games would be awesome,
Heck!! Look at NBA with 2K keeping EA in check EA stop making the game for a awhile then look at Live last year, Yes as of today EA has Hurt our Sport games Bad???

DoublePlusGoodGames1421d ago

I'm about to say something semi-insane/blasphemous at the dawn of this years' football season. The NFL's exclusivity agreement with EA's Madden has squeezed any enjoyment I could have extracted for this sport in the offseason.

To earn my interest (and consumer dollar), the NFL has to either bring back competition (like NFL 2K15) or it's going to be NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball for me.

Heck, even e-sports are looking like a better option these days and events like EVO are already infinitely more interesting to me than the Super Bowl.

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