It’s Time For Zelda To Improve Its Stories

Zelda's stories are great, but they could - and should - be a lot better.

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Sly-Lupin1300d ago

It's time?

Is it?


Last I checked, narrative presentation has been a bigger and bigger aspect of each new title. Nintendo is clearly focusing more on narrative with each new game.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1300d ago

Certain games have different types of narratives.
-I don't necessarily need dialogue and a wall of text every 5 minutes to be invested in the plot or story.

I would rather the over arching plot be simple but the implications of the plot be shown as complex when you are dealing with NPCs.

If they go MM on the NPC stories and NPC movements- the complexity issue is solved.

Having too many plot twist and story interruptions can kill the players willingness to roam freely and explore- And that is what Zelda is mostly about.

SS had a very charming plot.

That said,
I don't necessarily disagree with the writer it just has to be done correctly.

randomass1711300d ago

I've only played a few Zelda games, but I keep hearing how the later ones have much more read-along dialogue than the earlier games. Sounds like narrative is already a focus for new Zelda games.

firmstandinglaw1300d ago

It's time for the best game franchise of all time to get better.