CVG: Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Preview - Powerful enough to challenge the big boys?

CVG writes: "Some racing games tread the fine line between realism and fun. If it's too realistic you need to be Hamilton to get around the course without writing off your motor, and if its too forgiving, hardcore gamers cast it away as arcadey.

But it's this balance that Ferrari Challenge seems to have struck just right. When you slam down the accelerator, the eruption of the engine and the speed on screen gives you a great sense that you're powering along in a super car. It's that feeling of raw speed sims like Gran Turismo usually lack.

In that sense, it's a thrilling racing game that the not-so-serious gamer can get a real kick from. But then, the more hardcore of you will get kicks from its other handling intricacies, like the need to break really early to make it around bends. The game is relentlessly realistic in its approach to how long it takes in bringing a ton of metal down from 180mph."

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eagle213836d ago

I will buy it IF it comes to America, they said it's more realistic than GRID.

Plus it's exclusive. :)

trancefreak3836d ago

you guys think this game looks good i think it looks a little bland. well have to see i guess.