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Submitted by ReZoN 559d ago | rumor

PS4 DLNA support coming early 2015, PS Mobile App Redesign in works and more

Verified Sony Employee /u/IWorkForSony shared some interesting information over at the PS4 subreddit. (PS3, PS4)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   559d ago | Well said
DLNA support is coming people just be proud of that, a redesign of the mobile is a blessing in disguise, entitlements for PS3 won't carry over no!!!
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kneon  +   559d ago
Why would I be proud of that? I didn't do it.
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GamerRetro  +   559d ago
Lol bud 73 disagrees geez I think you made a valid comment
ChrisGTR1  +   559d ago
as a ps4 owner , what the hell is taking sony so long to put out actual updates. 2015?? seriously we got 4 more months in the year why cant we get any fw updates with features instead of 'stability patches'
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Blade92  +   558d ago
How about you be a adult and be patient.
Neonridr  +   559d ago
Still can't understand why it takes a year and X months to implement DLNA support.

I am glad to know that it at least is coming.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   559d ago
Because Sony wants to give gaming features first. DLNA, 3D, and those media features were the least used on PS3.
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JP1369  +   559d ago
Do you have a source to verify that claim?
Neonridr  +   559d ago
I know lots of people that used the media server. And these were just MY friends. I have to imagine that number would go up drastically when you consider an 80 million userbase.

The enhancements we have gotten so far seem to center around streaming functionality, which doesn't necessarily qualify as "gaming" features.
The Meerkat  +   559d ago
Video streaming is the MOST used feature on my 360. Its the sole reason my 360 gets used 5x as much as my PS4.

I'd much rather use my PS4 for everything.
XtraTrstrL  +   559d ago
Or, because Sony wants to get as many frustrated gamers to join Music/Video Unlimited as possible while they can. It wouldn't take that long to implement DLNA and mp3 support, it's already been there day 1 for their Music/Video Unlimited, which I'd think would be no less work to get in there than just streaming from your PC. People fall for anything though, and if you are a fan boy, you hurt yourselves and everyone else by giving praise for this type of action. Because, it'll only cause them to fall more to MS's level in the future, with you patting them on the back for it now.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   559d ago

I don't praise them for not implementing all these features on PS4 since Day 1, but I don't bash them for not bringing it sooner. I don't care about those features, and they aren't Sony's priorities. What happened to the ''3D is Dead'' comments? Oh, so Sony didn't include 3D bluray, and now it has suddenly become relevant and now everybody is going apeshit because of the lack of it.

I bet most of you have music on your phones, and you will still listen to music on your phone. And I don;t think Sony is doing that so that people subscribe to the Music service.
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Neonridr  +   559d ago
@Naruto - at the end of the day, yes I can watch 3D blurays on my 3D bluray home theatre system (also a Sony I might add), and I can stream via my PC to my home theatre system using Serviio on my PC, so it's not like I am sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to implement it.

But that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be 1000x more convenient to do my gaming, movie watching and streaming all through the same device.

Just because you are ok with something, doesn't mean that everyone else should be, nor does that mean that Sony automatically shares your point of view. There are many of us who would like the ability to stream movies or watch 3D via our PS4's.
DragonKnight  +   559d ago
After what Gamestop said about how many people know about trade ins, does it surprise you that similar numbers could be gleaned from how many know about or used DLNA support on the PS3?

The problem with a lot of gamers is that they think that because they know something or they use something that obviously everyone else does because how could they not right?
EvilWay  +   559d ago
What gaming features?
XBLSkull  +   559d ago
I only used my PS3 for the DLNA, and not for games. Needless to say I've been extremely disappointed with the PS4, but I'm glad to see it's finally coming back
Mr_Writer85  +   558d ago
"Just because you are ok with something, doesn't mean that everyone else should be"

Just because your not doesn't mean everyone else shouldn't be either...

Works both ways.

"There are many of us who would like the ability to stream movies or watch 3D via our PS4's."

And again you are most likely in the small minority so why should other people care about features you want that they are never going to use?

I'm sure there are people who would much rather have Pause and Resume and being able to pause downloads then features that can be done on other devices.
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OrangePowerz  +   559d ago
I'd guess and say they have mote important things with higher priority? DLNA, mp3 or 3D movies isn't really important for a console.
ramiuk1  +   559d ago
exactly,shouldnt take that long.
i have a bluray player that supports it but i want to lose a hdmi device,i wonder if MS announce dlna sooner and see how sony respnd
shinrock  +   559d ago
M$ wouldn't have to respond. X1 already supported dlna from damn near day one.
Kayant  +   559d ago
Maybe they are waiting for external regulations to be processed or something along those lines? And with the fact Sony Japan are doing the firmware updates that could create some delays or they are just Sooony™ :P

One thing I don't get Suspend/Resume is not there yet. It doesn't seem like something that will be so difficult to implement and something that should have been on the PS4 at launch.
OrangePowerz  +   559d ago
It's there to a certain degree. If you have a game running and go as example to Netflix and watch something it will suspend the game and when you go back to the game it will resume it.
hkgamer  +   559d ago
maybe they are testing that suspend/resume features to make sure it will definitely work.

i mean there can be some glitches every so often and i rather it work 100% of the time. imagine that 1 time you didnt save for hours or got past that super hard boss suspended game and wasnt able to resume?

other updates such as dlna or mp3 can be done quickly. it shouldnt be too hard for sony.
Kayant  +   559d ago
Read this Neonridr. It's a possible reason for the delay. Thanks to jeff_rigby.

What they could be waiting for. Certification starts September 2014

More about the tech


Oh right forgot about that.... Maybe there is so complication with saving a game and powering it off?
Neonridr  +   559d ago
thanks for the links Kayant.
OrangePowerz  +   559d ago
It's actually not so much saving the game as it is saving whatever is in the RAM for the game. If the device wasn't built for it originally it can be problematic to achieve. The Vita or phones are designed for that, but you can still get issues on phones where it wouldn't clear the RAM properly making phones slow and needing a reboot to actually clear the RAM correctly. Suspending a game and going into low power standbye mode isn't as easy as it might sound. You can end with lot's of different problems and some of them might not even happen directly but slowly over time through constantly using a feature like that.

Big difference between saving a game that takes a few MB and sits somewhere on the HDD and doesn't need to be quickly accessed necessarily compared to preserving the current state that would take several GB and need to be accessible as fast as possible so you can jump directly back into the game without any waiting at all.
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Cryptcuzz  +   559d ago
It really makes a lot of sense now that you provided those links. Thank you for that Kayant.
Darkstares  +   559d ago
I don't either. Maybe Sony needs more manpower or something. The system shipped with music services so it's not like they never thought of the PS4 as doing more than just games. Playstation systems have evolved into entertainment devices and the PS3 if I remember correctly was the most used console of them all for watching Netflix.

It is possible to have a great game system and also one that does media entertainment well too and it shouldn't take over a year to do it. Oh well, at least they tell us it's coming, just like The Last Guardian.
sam_job  +   559d ago
i will call it FAKE, reddit moderator have not yet verified the account....
ReZoN  +   559d ago
They have actually, he has a verified tag to the right of his username.
mochachino  +   559d ago
Customizable background colours, wallpapers, and instant wake from standby are my most wanted features.

And I very much hope to not have to wait until 2015 to get them. How hard can it be?
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The Meerkat  +   559d ago
Customizable background colours are more important to you than MP3 and Video Streaming?

Da-phuq? You must really hate blue.
DragonKnight  +   559d ago
Yeah, because everyone uses their gaming console to play music and movies right?
mochachino  +   559d ago

Ive almost always plug my laptop directly into my a/v for video and music.

I pretty much only use my game console for gaming and netflix. My computer does other things better I find and it's so easy (and probably faster) to just connect it to my setup.

My TVs also calibrated differently for gaming than for movies.

I hope they add dlna for all the people that want it but our priorities obviously differ. Instant wake/sleep would be sublime for gaming
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MikeG7  +   559d ago
And I want instant game invite sending instead this long term *clicking* *clicking* ... waiting and *clicking*

Can't they make them as those on Xbox when you just choose who you want to invite and it send it in a matter of blink of an eye. On PS4 this is way to slow... Its almost remind me last gen.
Blade92  +   558d ago
Just be patient. Jesus I bet Sony is getting annoyed by you guys. Gamers are a bunch of whiny, impatient children.
MasterCornholio  +   559d ago
Took them a while but at least its coming.
MrSwankSinatra  +   559d ago
All i want is custom soundtracks. That is the only feature i've ever wanted from sony.
Omar91  +   559d ago
And the wait continues.... :/
stavrami-mk2  +   559d ago
would like to see dual shock connect for remote play on same account .some games just don't play right without them
Miss_Vixen  +   559d ago
Glad to know at least it's coming.

There are also other notable features I like for ps4 to support or implement. Ability to customization themes & background pictures, external hard drive support, youtube app, Pause/Resume, friends notification when they're signed online & when the last time they're on, folder sorting option, and regular DVD Upscaling
nevin1  +   559d ago
Well time is going fast.
WitWolfy  +   559d ago
At this rate id be surprised if it EVER comes with other features like mp3 and 3d... Im starting to loose faith here...
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brew  +   559d ago
3D Blu-ray is coming in the next update
MonstaTruk  +   559d ago
SONY, don't worry about MP3 support if I can't play them with my games! Just saying... :-/
ITPython  +   559d ago
Yeah, hopefully when it does get implemented that they don't do what they did last gen on the PS3, which is leave it up to developers whether or not to allow it in their games. There was only a handful of PS3 games that did let us do in-game music, and it was great. But most games never allowed it.
MonstaTruk  +   558d ago

Yep. And they screwed us on the PS Vita, also. I got one hoping I could play my Music Unlimited songs in the background with games and guess what? Surprise! It's left up to the developers BS, again! :-/
mark3214uk  +   559d ago
i call b*llsh1t,guy must be trolling it wouldnt take a year to add that feature
TriangleOffense  +   559d ago
Ps now is useless to me and with this being said i dont even have a reqson to ever open it again. As mich as they said its all about the games i would not be offended if they stepped up the media game a bit. No youtube, no espn, no mp3, has all been a pain in the arse
hiawa23  +   559d ago
So, is that why my Galaxy 4 connects to my xbox One but not my PS4
Skate-AK  +   559d ago
All I want is to be able to pause my downloads. My TV has DLNA so I am not worried about that.
shadowsmoke36  +   559d ago
exactly why is what i want to know this is the ps4 and i play a game while something else is downloading just fine.
Skate-AK  +   558d ago
Because people have data caps. If a game is 20GB it makes more sense for me to download 10GB and then download the other 10GB when the next billing period starts. I have a 100GB limit and it is a $5 per 1GB overage fee.
gigoran  +   559d ago
I got a gaming console. It plays games. Does what it's supposed to do.

If all you want is to stream music and movies to your tv then their are much much cheaper ways. You seriously spent $400 to stream stuff?

Also... Cinavia
lategamer  +   559d ago
Seriously? Seriously?

PS3 is probably one of the best media players out. Is it hard to expect Sony to add basic media features into the PS4?

I bought a PS4 for a few reasons. One (and my main reason) was to play games. Blu-rays was another. A media center so I wouldn't have to use my other consoles would also be nice.

But instead Sony is being insanely slow on these updates. Where's the suspend/resume feature Sony? MP3? Where are my customization features on the PS4? Can I fucking turn off that LED light on my controller now too? etc.

There would be some leniency if the competition wasn't kicking their ass with monthly updates, MS is killing it in that aspect.
gigoran  +   558d ago
You got a ps3 that you consider a great media player? So what are you crying about? You need two devices to do exactly the same thing?

Using your logic you would go and buy a toaster and expect it to fry a steak as well. Exactly the same thing as what you're saying here. Me? When I want toast I buy a toaster. Eggs, a frying pan. Games? A gaming console.

I think the funniest thing is that the absence of media playback on the ps4 has agitated you enough that you resort to swearing hahaha.
lategamer  +   558d ago
"You need two devices to do exactly the same thing"

Try reading?

"I bought a PS4 for a few reasons. One (and my main reason) was to play games. Blu-rays was another. A media center so I wouldn't have to use my other consoles would also be nice. " Quoted from what I wrote before.

"Using your logic you would go and buy a toaster and expect it to fry a steak as well. Exactly the same thing as what you're saying here. Me? When I want toast I buy a toaster. Eggs, a frying pan. Games? A gaming console. "

Lol wtf. Sony has been putting out consoles with multimedia features since PS1. PS3 they pushed the limit, it was great. So why should PS4 be backwards in that aspect? Are PS1, 2, and 3 not game consoles? Is it bad to expect some basic features and customization out of a $399 console?

If the PS4 was exclusively a game console, Sony wouldn't have put all those multiple apps out, Music & Video unlimited, etc.
Muzikguy  +   559d ago
I don't know if I believe this. If it is true, I don't understand why something like this takes so long. I'm getting tired of hearing when it's coming. These things just need to get here. It's a little ridiculous
shadowsmoke36  +   559d ago
Well then just go into the studio and force them to stop on games and other things to cater to you or a select few. And when the time comes around and they just cater to another group you will be on here doing the same thing your doing now.
Muzikguy  +   559d ago
We had games AND features before, what's different now? Shouldn't have to choose between the 2. It doesn't take much to do custom backgrounds, sort downloaded games into folders, pause downloads, or play MP3s. People complain about the people that complain, acting like we have a right to. Well, we do! They have people to make games and they have people to do updates. Updates don't take that long. They could go right back to making games when they're done if they don't have the staff. Things people are asking for is not rocket science for crying out loud. You know, I'm a Sony fan, but I can also have my own opinion and views on them. Free thinker!
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Gekko36  +   559d ago
I feel for you guys, honestly I do.

The console is not just "about that games" but a blend of games AND features. All PS4 owners deserve excellent features along with their games.

I think the reason things are taking so long is the use of FreeBSD as the core on PS4, Apple use it too and the software really does take a LOOONG time to build and test. It probably explains why apple software is a little on the rubbish side.

Be patient, Sony don't do software, but their hardware is excellent, I suppose you can't be everything to everyone.

I own an Xbox One only because I trust the end user software and know Microsoft knows their core business. Yes it's slightly under powered compared to yours but for me and my lads it boiled down to the whole experience and not just a small part of the whole equation... That and Halo...

Thing will turn out fine my friend.
#18.1.2 (Edited 559d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Bladesfist  +   559d ago
I want them to make the downloads less terrible, why does it wait for confirmation to resume the download if it ever gets paused because of a disconnection? The reason I pressed download was to download the thing.
Slick81  +   559d ago
Very nice ps4 ,something xbox 1 hasn't gotten right yet
Bloodjunkie  +   559d ago
lol 2015? lol
Many-hat5  +   559d ago
Yep, it a long wait, and yes it's too long.PS4 was built with DNLA in mind from day one. Implementing it isn't a big deal for Sony - technically, that is. Financially, it's a different story,because of course Sony want to maximise user uptake of their music services that's kind of expected. Overall, I'm happy to have it confirmed,it's a sensible move by Sony. Now, wouldn't it be nice to get MKV support, and lot's of games too.Let's not forget the games!
Artemidorus  +   559d ago
Who told you PS4 was built with DNLA in mind from day one? Console came out in 2013, this suggests it's a 2015 update.

If what you say is true then Sony muat provide the slowest updates ever.
ZORDON   558d ago | Spam
FreakyFox  +   558d ago
Sony have Music and Video Unlimited for a reason, and that reason is so they can SELL you the content, not folks playing their own ripped music and movies.

So if DLNA is coming to PS4 in 2015, we are doing well considering consoles have a 7-10 year life span before most folks move on to the next big thing.

I think the bottom line is, is that we should be grateful we are getting it at all under the circumstance.
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