Xbox One now available for pre-order in China

Microsoft today began taking orders for its new game console from online retailer Inc. (JD) via Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s (700) mobile-messaging applications. The pair of Chinese Internet companies hold exclusive rights to pre-sell the locally made Xbox One until July 30, said in a news release. The console is slated to ship nationwide in September.

Microsoft was the industry’s first big player to start production in the country after the Chinese government last year allowed console sales in the new Shanghai free-trade zone and opened up an estimated $10 billion market.

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jackdaniels1392d ago

Well done MS, this is a vast market, and could really make a difference to sales

DeadRabbits1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Very sad state of affairs that the xbone would need to rely on an untested market to get their sales numbers up.

Next stop India?

Dread1392d ago Show
dcbronco1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

The real stupidity is that they seem to be completely unaware that Sony will be soon entering that same market. More like dead brain rabbits.

christocolus1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

@ubiquitious,dcbronco&drea d

I thought deadrabbit's comment was a joke but those agreeing with the guy are actually more hilarious.its so ridiculous....lmao

Your comments are spot on. Lmao. X D.

HugoDrax1392d ago

"Very sad state of affairs that the xbone would need to rely on an untested market to get their sales numbers up."

That is the dumbest statement of the year smh...

Funantic11392d ago

You could say that about the PS4 being in 40 something different countries and the X1 only being in 13.

GamerRetro1391d ago

Pathetic comment mods should remove this fanboy asap

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bicfitness1392d ago

Chalkboard is pretty much full at this point. Start a new one. Neither of the new-gen consoles have a prayer of making it in China against the power of F2P and mobile games. Sony might do better, but neither side will really see much of a victory here. Culturally, China is a society of die-hard PC and mobile gamers, with a tremendous selection of quality games to play from on those platforms. Consoles offer little that is compelling and the cost of entry, or subsidized hardware, or subscription services is wholly unappealing.

joeorc1392d ago


" Neither of the new-gen consoles have a prayer of making it in China against the power of F2P and mobile games. Sony might do better, but neither side will really see much of a victory here."

Quite true on the PS4 vs XBOXONE in China the COST IS HIGH but both Sony and Microsoft has invested into getting developers in china to make games for the console's they distribute in the region there, and Sony has also the playstation TV console which has a price friendly entry point, a low cost investment for SDK and developer tool chains to be employed on the Playstation TV, also Sony is very heavy invested into free 2 play and indie development's in the Asian Region already.

ThinkThink1392d ago

This is a vast market but the average annual salary for a family is $2,200. I don't expect any consoles to make that much of a difference in China. It will probably do a bit better than it will in Japan but again, that's not much. Same with Sony.

n4rc1392d ago

Times are changing..

Its such a massive market.. Tapping into it can only be a good thing

christocolus1392d ago

Yeah its a huge market but a very restrictive one. Games like gta, gears and cod might never be released there and those that make the cut will be dumbed down so badly. MS will need to focus more on creating games which suit that market.

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jnemesh1392d ago

They are going to be a lot of very surprised fanboys when this thing sinks like a brick in that country!

ThatOneRiggaNob1392d ago

It's actually pretty sad that you're so happy and ready to see a product sink and fail in a country. Instead you should be hoping that it does very well so the competition will feed off of that and step their game up.

KingWookiee1392d ago

For some reason, these fanboys think that the industry would be better with a monopoly rather than having a competition and having the companies learn from each other and grow to become better....

jnemesh1392d ago

You seem to be under the mistaken impression that Microsoft's "competition" is good for gamers and that the industry somehow "needs" them to keep Sony in check.

You do remember, don't you, that the video game industry thrived just fine before MS entered the console market, and it will survive just fine when they leave.

I AM happy that MS is struggling to make inroads with their underpowered, overpriced console. They DESERVE failure! That's what happens when you release a product that is overpriced and uncompetitive. It will either force them to do better next gen, or force them out of the market completely. When you have a company serving up "Pink Slime" and calling it steak, they most certainly deserve to have that bite them in the end!

KingWookiee1392d ago

You do understand that Microsoft has done a lot for the industry and has forced Sony to do a lot. Without them PSN and trophies would not be how they are now. If Microsoft didn't exist, Sony would still be the same cocky company that they were going into the lat generation and the PS3 would still be a joke.

Spotie1392d ago

I wonder where he said he was happy?

And why is it always "competition is good" whenever someone's talking about Microsoft leaving? Did the industry not exist before Microsoft? Are they the only other console manufacturer besides Sony?

When and if any of the current three fall out of the running, someone else will step up. If no one does, guess what: there will still be two others competing with each other. No offense, but the industry doesn't really need Microsoft in it.

Even then, competition means nothing if it's not GOOD competition. That means fielding a product that pushes your competitors to do better; can you tell me what part of the XB1 is doing that? Sony is actually on cruise control thanks to all the screwups Microsoft made with their latest console; how is that supposed to push Sony to make a better product?

When Microsoft learns how to genuinely compete- rather than buy up everything, use underhanded tactics whenever able, and intentionally push out flawed hardware- THEN they'll be a valuable asset to gaming. For now, they mostly serve as a lesson on how NOT to do things. Unfortunately, their large cash reserves mean they can survive- and even thrive- where any other company would fail.

I guess that does sorta push Sony and Nintendo. You have to pull out all the stops to take down a competitor who will essentially cheat to win.

ThatOneRiggaNob1392d ago

I know the game industry doesn't need MS just like it doesn't need Sony or Nintendo. I also don't want to see a game industry without either one of those 3 after all the good games we got last gen. Also you say the Xbox One is uncompetitive yet when MS announced 3d blu-ray playback in their preview program Sony ran like hell to announce that they would be supporting it in their next update lol. Also not to mention without MS there is a good chance you wouldn't be collecting trophies while in a party with your friends playing different games on a now better PSN. Actually what am I saying? MS provides NO competition at all!

n4rc1392d ago

How about the 5m+ people that decided to purchase it? Especially when many spent $100 more for it..

Ya.. You certainly know what you're talking about /s

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christocolus1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )


Are you even a gamer? What a miserable comment to make...smh.

DeadlyOreo1392d ago

To be fair, you're not much of a gamer either though. So you can't really say too much.

Swiggins1392d ago

Oh please, tell me where your crystal ball is, I'd like to use it.

You know absolutely nothing....

Ps4marksthespotnotX1392d ago

I bet it bombs! When they see Ps4 and Xbox one next to each other there's no doubt they will pick Ps4, better games, better graphics, cheaper, more pleasant fans, not as many douches on psn as there is on xbox live, just a better console.

christocolus1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Wth? This is an article about xbx one preorders in china. What does ps4, graphics, psn and douches have to do with this? You guys always find a way to bring in your childish fanboyism into every article..damn trolls. You wanna brag about the ps4 do it in a ps article..

you know if you actually didn't care about the xbox one you wouldn't be in every xbx article...

Oh! my bad just saw your username. It makes a lot more sense now.

DeadlyOreo1392d ago

But you go full fanboy in every PS4 related article, so again, your comment is void.

christocolus1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

@Deadlyoreo must be confused or something cos you've got it all mixed up. i've never gone into any ps article to troll, go offtopic or just downplay sony. I dont do that on ps or xbox articles.. This might come as a surprise to you but not everyone accepts trolling as a way of before accusing others be sure of what you saying so you don't end up looking could be dementia too. Look it up.

LoydX-mas1392d ago

Ummmmm, the PS4 is not available in China and won't be for quite a while if at all.

1392d ago
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