Dark Souls Allegedly Ripped Off By Popular Korean Game

In South Korea, Dark Souls has a following and fans. You'd think the makers of popular mobile game Blade would know they couldn't get away with ripping it off.

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theshredded1304d ago

Dark Souls is easily the most revolutionary and infuential game of the previous generation

Darkwatchman1304d ago

How can it be influential when the only game since then taking inspiration from the series is Lords of The Fallen? If it was influential, we would have much more copy cats

theshredded1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

huh,are u clueless?what about Watch Dogs,Deep Down,Blade...

DiscoKid1304d ago

Right. Dark Souls shouldn't be revolutionary because it's a hard assed game. That's just silly.

rdgneoz31304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

@theshredded I see Deep Down, but how the hell did Watch Dogs get influenced by Dark Souls? That's more like GTA / True Crime / Sleeping Dogs.

Also, if you're going to say a Souls game is influential, at least mention the one that started it all, Demons Souls.

And as for Blade, not sure about gameplay seeing as it's a smart phone game and not for consoles, but the advertisements "copied" it scene for scene...

camel_toad1304d ago


I think he's referring to the invasion aspect of watch dogs and dark souls.

allgamespc20121303d ago

this is one of the dumbest comments ive seen in a while. my god man.

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Ch1d0r11304d ago

*Demon's Souls* Being invaded for the first time :-O

DVAcme1304d ago

I already saw various screenshots of both the advertising and the actual game, and it's BLATANTLY ripping off Dark Souls.

I can't blame them, the Souls games are arguably some of the absolute best of the last generation, so you can do a lot worse when choosing what to rip off, but jeez, dial it down a notch. This is beyond ripping off and it's straight-up plagiarism.

CervantesPR1304d ago

Dark souls is the best best game i have played in my life

Kevlar0091304d ago

It's a mobile game maker, what would you expect?

MooseyXTC1304d ago

Of all the games to rip off, you can't blame them for picking Dark Souls.

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