Finding This Industry’s Roger Ebert; An Interview with Video Game Review Headquarters

PS4 Attitude writes, "Video game websites are a dime a dozen. There are no shortage of places to go to find the latest news, videos, and reviews from the industry. The problem is quantity doesn’t always mean quality. As a result, it can be difficult for a writer to distinguish themselves among the masses. Video Game Review Headquarters is here to help out.

Rather than focus on posting news and previews and all the other typical content hundreds of other sites are posting, VGRHQ’s mission is to recognize the critics who are constantly putting out quality content.

PS4 Attitude had the opportunity to talk with Ben, VGRHQ’s co-founder, to discuss the site and what it is they’re doing."

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DolphGB1307d ago

Interesting to see someone 'reviewing the reviewers'. It's a noble cause, and could help people get a rounded overview of all the opinions and quality of writing out there in the blogosphere. Watching with interest...