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Destiny is plagued by the horror that is PUGs

GameZone: "What’s the biggest problem in any persistent massively online game? No, it’s not the boring routine of questing, the sometimes bland story, or the lack of high-level content. It is pick-up groups. They’re awful, painful, and at times downright embarrassing." (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   364d ago
This article says the strikes are destinys raids when destiny has raids as a seperate mission type, do some research before writing stuff like that
Razjin  +   363d ago
So let me get this right he's complaining because his team failed many times which I probably can assume that they were either under level or under geared for the mission so who's fault is this? People forget this is not just an FPS it's also an "Action Roleplaying FPS Game".
LightofDarkness  +   363d ago
I completed that mission as a level 6 hunter, while my team-mates were a level 5 Warlock and a level 4 (seriously) hunter. We only wiped out twice during the segment he's talking about, once we got the hang of using the surrounding cover and taking out the snipers and stealth melee guys as priority 1.

But taking out the Devil Walker took us probably 20-30 minutes, while the giant eye thing took 15-20. All we could do was chip away at it for ages, focusing on the legs and hammering the neck when it became exposed.

While it felt tedious at times and somewhat stressful, the sense of accomplishment and victory we felt upon complete that mission was pretty incredible. We spent over an hour at it, pretty much constantly imperilled, and watching that stupid Sepiks thing kick it was immensely relieving. I was constantly running back and forth, reviving the other two. I almost doubled their kill counts as well. It was like a Dark Souls moment, honestly.
GameSpawn  +   363d ago
During my first attempt at the Devil's Liar strike, me and one other guy took on the walker by our selves -- we were both level 7+, but we had to sit opposite from each other and chip away at the damn thing. When it would fire its insta-death cannon one of us would duck behind cover while the other would fire away, the tank would turn its attention to the last one firing at it and the whole process repeats back and forth.

The second time I played through I had two level 8 idiots that kept trying to take on the tank head on instead of using the cover and potshot rotation strategy above (there are two relatively safe area's to the left and right of the tank that are also good cover from the re-spawning enemies that only serve to replenish ammo).

There are some people that just think Destiny is Halo on Legendary when being under-leveled, but it sure the hell isn't. Most enemy types other than the grunts (dregs I believe) will rip through you once they are 2-3 levels above you.
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Tetsujin  +   363d ago
I've played other MMOs (especially Final Fantasy 11), and sometimes you have to take the good with the bad when dealing with Pick Up Groups (PUG). To go on a rant about someone lower level joining your group, we all first hit that mission with low experience and multiple deaths regardless of being a lower level or maxed. Fortunately I played the majority of the game with people I already knew outside the game, or through someone else, and we completed missions together. Outside Iron Banner and Crucible the only time we even did pick up was if at least two of us were already in the same team.

I do agree sometimes it can be frustrating, however unless you've played other MMOs you sound like someone who doesn't play a lot of co op. No I'm not directly calling the author out, just suggesting next time to consider the position other players are in before ranting about (a) negative experience(s).
sevilha82  +   363d ago
I stoped reading when the author claimed questing was boring.
zeuanimals  +   363d ago
It's an opinion piece, it says right below the image, and I agree with some of it.

Here's every quest: go there, kill waves, advance, kill more waves, advance, waves and a mini-boss that's really just a bullet sponge and isn't even remotely hard, win.

It was a chore for me and I didn't enjoy it in the slightest. If they're trying to make the game fun, then add some variety or make some real compelling enemies that aren't just bullet sponges. Taking 20-30 minutes doing the same routine of shoot at weak points and keep shooting, dodge attack, shoot at weak points and keep shooting, etc. is not fun at all and that's how you beat all of the bosses, aside from the mini bosses like the Wizard from the mooOOoon. I literally never got hit by Septiks Prime or the Devil Walker, aside from the few times I got careless, but even playing on hard, I never died.

Oh, and how about them exploration "quests"... People gave games like Watch Dogs and Infamous SS crap for having stupid mini-side stuff that are all very repetitive, the Destiny "quests" are no different except they're much less compelling, somehow. Go kill some Vandals and pick up some stuff... Or my favorite: Go there and stand in one spot for something to sync up. Yeah, that's actually one of the exploration "quests", go somewhere and stand for a few seconds.
iceman06  +   363d ago
I understand what you are saying...BUT, in the end, missions in MANY games boil down to exactly what you described "go there, kill waves, advance, kill more waves, advance, waves and mini-boss". MMO styled games are even MORE notorious for that routine. There are "fetch" quests, open-the-area quests, defeat said enemy quests, etc. Sure, I wish that some "genius" developer would find a different way to do these mundane tasks. But, at this point, it's the very nature of these type games.
sevilha82  +   363d ago
I understand,but i belive many people aren´t aware of one thing,Destiny is in it´s purest form,an RpG,and questing is what you do in an RpG,and if someone isn´t into RpG´s they will not enjoy Destiny.

I think Destiny will attract many kinds of gamers due to it´s shooter vibe and i belive it will mislead many by thinking it´s a shooter,and that kind of demographic of gamers in my experience don´t like RpG´s very much(even thoug i know alot many that enjoy both ,myself included ).

I know questing can be boring sometimes but trust me people that love RpG´s love questing ,it´s what´s it all about,adventure and EPIC loot =)...
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AgentSmithPS4  +   363d ago
Lol. If the pugs in games were as cute as those dogs it would be easier to forgive their many faults.
MysticStrummer  +   363d ago
Destiny is plagued by the horror that is unrealistic expectations.
JeffGUNZ  +   363d ago
How can you make that statement off a beta? Dude, it wasn't a demo. Who know how many areas of Old Russia was blocked or quests/missions were removed for the beta build. Bungie said the beta was almost 10% of the content of the final release, that the surface was not even scratched. People keep judging betas like demos. They are completely different. They make a specific build for things they want to test. Aspects of the game that will be in full release are often removed and content is removed. Even if there are only 4-5 explorable areas, each are said to be the size of the entire campaign of Halo Reach, which is pretty impressive. Remember, this game is selling at $60, how much do people really expect for that price range? Games cost a lot of money to make.
zeuanimals  +   363d ago
It's 10% of the content of the final release because the final release has 6 more planets, more areas in the Tower, more gamemodes for the Crucible, and a lot more loot. I'd say adding all of that up can amount to 90% of the content meaning there probably isn't anything that was "blocked off" for Old Russia.

Even if some things were blocked off from Old Russia, I wouldn't want to see it because the entire area was boring after going through it a few times. When I went to new areas I didn't go to before in Old Russia, I didn't care. I just wanted to finish whatever I was doing so I can leave.
iceman06  +   363d ago
@Jeff...I think what MysticStrummer was saying is that people are being more critical of the game because of their own unrealistic expectations. Judging the game for what it lacks as opposed to judging the game for what it is. Which, unfortunately, seems about par for the course thus far this generation.
AgentSmithPS4  +   363d ago
It sounds like some of the people that play Destiny are the same ones that are so disappointing in BF4 MP.

One of the biggest problems is if your friends aren't online it's hard to quickly find capable people that are using mics. It's strange but chimps often have better teamwork when hunting when compared to the average squad in a MP game.

All you can do is take the time to find the quality players and if they're not around either play something else, or adapt and prepare for more frustration.
_LarZen_  +   363d ago
If the game get's proximity chat the nightmare that every mmo player know as PUG or "pick up group" could help.

I did the Devils Lair several times and as it often is with PUG it's a nightmare. People don't know what to do, where to go or are even aware that they are in a group to kill a boss.

It's ridicules at times.

Proximity chat would help allot. Inviting people to a fireteam is not helping as most I invited did not understand what the heck happened on their screen.

They could accept long after we had finished etc...
JeffGUNZ  +   363d ago
Exactly. That was one of my biggest issues. Please add proximity chat. It's really not like I was running around Old RUssia and ALWAYS had someone close to me. Adding this would make teamwork so much easier. I did the Devils Layer twice, and each time I had a good team that revived and stated on point. With Proximity chat, it would have been even better.
Dying_Jester  +   363d ago
"...or the lack of high level content."
Okay, I'm done. I'm not...just...all reason for me to listen to what this person had to say disappeared when they seem to have forgotten they were playing a beta.
JeffGUNZ  +   363d ago

It's not a damn demo, it's a beta! I am so tired of people reviewing this game, saying the "story is not that gripping" or a lack of story. It's a damn beta, it's not meant for you to get the whole story!
whybag  +   363d ago
He mentions the "sometimes bland" story like we've actually gotten ANY story so far. We've done 5 or so story missions. We're still basically in the prologue, in Halo CE I don't even know if we would have made it off the ship yet. I'll reserve judgement about the story until we know what "The Darkness" is, when we meet the other two enemy races, maybe the traveler will wake up, but I'm definitely not going to jump to conclusions yet.

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