Definitely, The Top 5 Games of 2014, So Far

Posted by Colm Ahern

We’re over the halfway point of 2014 and everyone is making lists of the best games of the year, so far. Not to be left lying in the wake of everyone else, we’ve compiled our list of 2014′s greatest video games, up to this point.

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user74029311421d ago

replace watchdogs with the last of us remastered.

MoveTheGlow1421d ago

You did see TASM2 on the list when you watched the entire video, right? Notice anything that starts with an "s" other than Spider? Maybe sarcasm? Satire? Shenanigans? Those three are all pretty correct, so unless you played through TLOU Remastered and couldn't stand it, I'm not sure what you're getting at.

SonyNGP1421d ago

First commenters never read articles/watch videos.

GodisaGeek1420d ago

Thank you for making us laugh! :-D