The Last of Us PS4 vs PS3 GIF Comparison: PS3 Holds Up Well Against Its Successor

With a day to go before The Last of Us Remastered hits retail stores, GB decided to do some tests on how the PlayStation 4 version stacks up against last year's PlayStation 3 release.

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XiSasukeUchiha1422d ago

PS4 VS PS3- the battle for the ages is decided upon of TLOU remastered playing right now and I'm enjoying it.

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RantandRave1422d ago Show
DeadRabbits1422d ago

I cannot justify forking out again for TLOU but ye whom have not experienced it are in for an ocular orgasm!

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WitWolfy1422d ago

Still on the fence on getting this....

ZodTheRipper1422d ago

Just do it, it's the most complete package of the most belauded game in video game history, how could you go wrong with that? There's no major release in the next few weeks anyway and it's 10 bucks cheaper than other games, even if you played it already you'll get your value back thanks to the DLC and the upgraded visuals. TLOU is a game I can replay even in a few years when the PS4 is coming to an end.

XtraTrstrL1422d ago

That's because it's not really it's successor. It's an upgrade, LOU2 will be the successor, and LOU1-PS3 won't hold up well against it.

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