Ubisoft on ‘The Crew’: Players can’t level up their crew when playing alone

While speaking with Examiner, Andrew Willans, Senior Game Designer at Ubisoft Reflections, shared with us that players won’t be able to level up their crew while playing on their own.

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nidhogg1367d ago

I find the fact that next-gen games are getting more and more multiplayer-centric really unappealing. Online is good but taking notable elements of a game to be exclusive only to online isn't always good.

RuleNumber51367d ago

Agreed. I like having the multiplayer component in there, but single player "experiences" are still amazing to enjoy, especially in an open-world.

Jughead34161367d ago

Only speaking for myself, but I'm a bit anti-social. I enjoy some Multiplayer, but mainly as an add on to the main single player experience. I like how Destiny gives you a choice of playing lone wolf or with others.

kingdip901367d ago

I agree. I have been really wanting to make the leap to "next gen" but the more online centric the games become the more of a turn off it is for me.

With a massive backlog of ps3 titles and a backlog of ps1 & 2 titles on psn the next gen consoles are really going to have to appeal to me to get me to make the leap and rewarding multiplayer over single player is not the way to go.

Ripsta7th1367d ago

You guys need to quit being antisocial! A simple hello can start a conversation. Why do you guys think Sony included a mic with the PS4. I find the PS community very anti social. Ever since ps3 i thought it was because a mic didnt come included but now with the ps4 i still hear no one talk in games

barb_wire1367d ago


Anti-social for not using the mic.. Oh I'm sorry, I've used PSN/XBL and PC gaming and oh yes, I love being called a _ocksucking bastard.. or being told to _uck off, this is OUR game.. Yeah, that shit don't get old quick..

_uck the little retards out there, learn to speak properly and might engage you, otherwise don't waste my time WHILE i try to play multiplayer.

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XiHinataHyuga1367d ago

So they are basically pushing always online mechanics. Why not just market this game as an MMO then?

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081367d ago

They already confirmed that it is a MMO.

ThatOneGuyThere1367d ago

massively 8-player Online Racing Paying Game

Baka-akaB1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

That's exactly what they did , they are just throwing a bone at those wanting to play alone

Psychotica1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Makes me think of GTA online where technically you can play by yourself but there will just be tons of stuff you can't do and hardly anything you can do when playing alone.. and that sucks

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