Latest UK charts – Top 20

Lots of movement in the charts this week as 1 & 2 hold onto their spot and we do see 2 new entries in Terraria and Pokemon Black version

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Axios21448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Congrats to Respawn

Great to see TitanFall still at #8 after all this time

lol at the trolls failed comment,
the TF edition is more expensive than the non-Kinect editions so if ppl didn't want TF it wouldn't be on the charts.

Eonjay1447d ago

It would probably be higher if it was on other systems.
Just think of all the business they are missing out on.

Death1447d ago

Think of the money Naughty Dog would make if The Last of Us was multiplatform.

Eonjay1447d ago


Its not an option for a Sony owned company, but you are right. The sales would be incredible.

Eonjay1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


patrik231448d ago

good job respawn. those free titanfall copies with xbox one really paid of.

Neixus1448d ago

Paid off? they're actually losing money by releasing it for free..

yankolo1447d ago

Stop hating titanfall people the game is awesome....better than cod...bettter than destiny...