TeamXbox: Unreal Tournament III Hands-On

It doesn't seem like Unreal Tournament III for the Xbox 360 is getting the kind of run-up it deserves. Maybe because Xbox 360 owners are still nursing hurt feelings that it began life as a PS3 and PC exclusive. Kind of the same way Sony fan boys would react to Gears of War coming to the PS3. You want to act like you don't care, but you really do.

Or maybe it's the fact that the game got released on PS3 amidst a flurry of other holiday titles, and it didn't register in the minds of Xbox 360 owners who aren't fancy-pants enough to also own a PS3. Or is it because on initial release the game sold tepidly and only after a couple months really caught its stride and broke its first million?

TeamXbox will admit, the game has sat squarely on the backburner of their mind for some time now. That is, until they got a hold of a non-final build of Unreal Tournament III and played the game for themselves.

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CrashSharc3843d ago

I gotta say... it's quite pitiful that the 360 version is STILL not out yet. C'mon Epic!!! Seriously, any longer and they'll end up releasing it near Gears, and then it's all over for them...

mboojigga3842d ago

It is quite pitiful alot of games haven't came out on the PS3 since announced in 2005. Since then they either will be out in 2009-10 or have been canceled or if you are a JRPG not sure if it is being released at all. Epic is working on one of their more important games which is Gears of War 2. I will play UTIII but I can wait another year for it for all I care at this point.

kewlkat0073842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

......That's right not as pitfull as you think.

Plus with the PC version already out this is easy port to the 360 for EPIC.

So I'm sure they were like we can slack a bit and Sony already gave cash for timed Exclusive so they chillin. UT3 on PS3 did horrible, I wonder if there is anyone playing it online, I remember with all the talk of Mod this and that as if that was going to help sales.

CrashSharc3842d ago

wow... touchy...

I didn't even refer to Sony or the PS3. I was just saying that Epic would be best to release it before GeoW2. But whatevs, you guys are still entertaining...

GiantEnemyCrab3843d ago

Could care less about this game. Considering OXM was playing a build of it before the PS3 version was even announced it seems to be taking longer than it should. Oh well, should be moved from the backburner straight into the trash can.

Wise Rant Monkey3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

<Before I bought my PS3, I was looking forward to this game coming out on the 360. When I bought my PS3, this was the first game i purchased without hesitation. IMHO, it feels like an old and stale fps. It's a good fast paced shooter, but nothing the 360 collection doesn't already have. And without the option to add mods it'll be extremely tasteless to a 360 user.)


El_Colombiano3842d ago

What in the world are you talking about? Unreal Tournament 3 was meant to be PS3 exclusive until Epic announced it to be multiplatform. Thus the PS3 was announced first. Then at E3 '07, Sony announced that it would be hitting the PS3 as a timed exclusive. Next time, dont talk out of your arse please.

Ri0tSquad3842d ago

And if you only have the 360 then you should buy this.

CViper3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

1. No mods.
2. No Mouse & KB support.
3. Gears of War

What is the point of releasing a generic shooter, which unreal is. Without any of the things that make it fun to the die hard Unreal Enthusiasts?

I mean Unreal is a diehard gamer title. No casuals are going to stand for the "story mode" which is just playing a server w/bots....

and No unreal fans are going to sit around waiting for Epic and Microsoft to agree on content that has always been free.

edhe3842d ago

It's definitive.

Try to name one shooter that's come after that doesn't mimic part of it.

GVON3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

I had it on ps3 (pal) and it was great for the first week or so, but I started to get that seen it 10 years ago feeling, and quickly moved on, although I was hugly impressed with how the mods worked, geeting them through my ps3 browser and instaling them was a cool feeling.

GIJeff3842d ago

was possibly the best time for games. UT and 19242.

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