GTA 5 DLC: New Features Possibly Leaked In Source Code

"Enterprising fans going through Grand Theft Auto Online’s source code has found potential spoilers for new DLC for the game."

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TheWackyMan1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Every time.

KwietStorm1273d ago

lolol it's like this guy thinks he's building up some membership reward points on here.

inf3cted11273d ago

13 hours ago, and this was approved just now. Damn jesus.

AstroCyborg1273d ago

can't we please get some story based dlc like gta 4 did

Shadow Man1273d ago

Yeah I'm wondering the same thing, what gives?

TheOnlyMastrx1273d ago

Open casino, put heists online, casino heist...

1273d ago
S11m1273d ago

Where I can see those line of the codes, where can see the new stuff info? Proofs pls.

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