Did You Know About Big Boss’s New Technique In Ground Zeroes? Plus A Share Factory Issue

Daniel from writes:

"Anyone who knows me on knows that Metal Gear Solid is the reason I game, I’m a huge fan of the series and I like to think I know the ins and out of just about every MGS title. I bought Ground Zeroes day 1 like I’m sure many reading this also did (and I’ve more hours into it than most other games this year so don’t start with that “it’s only a demo” talk, or do, whatever I’m not your Mom). So imagine my surprise when, months after release, I watch a Ground Zeroes montage video that showed Big Boss utilising a move that I didn’t even know was possible, I told myself I’d try figure out how to do it later as other games got in the way and then I forgot about it, until today."

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masterfox1420d ago

wow really ? I think everyone knew from the very beginning you can throw characters, that was my first thought when I grab a character, how I throw this sucka!

Heisenburger1420d ago

Commencing Operation: Throw every one of these mothers into the ocean.

Lord_Sloth1420d ago

You should extract them all as prisoners. XXXD

generic-user-name1420d ago

"I think everyone knew from the very beginning"

Survey source?

moujahed1420d ago

This further proves my theory about people flying through the game just to say how short it is without actually exploring it.

seppo911420d ago

Is this article for real? Yes I knew that.
Even think it was in one of the official gameplay videos.

generic-user-name1420d ago

Yeah it is for real, not everyone knew and the GZ thing is only half the article.

ThanatosDMC1420d ago

Thought this was on the tutorial. I was expecting a new cqc move.