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Battlefield 4 CTE Patch – Grenade Spam Nerf And Much More

DICE is deciding to nerf the grenade spam in Battlefield 4. Grenades and general explosives are getting a major nerf in the new Battlefield 4 CTE patch. DICE is really changing the directions they want to go with grenades. They also want to make the soldier movement feel more immediate, direct and in control. There are alot of other changes but the grenade spam and soldier movement are the biggest changes. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Credit url: cte.battlelog.com
ifistbrowni  +   56d ago
No comment on the actual patch, but a warning to all: that 4 minute video is extremely stupid and a complete waste of time..

If that was the winner, then the other ones must have been complete horse manure.
Matt666  +   56d ago
EA if you are going to lower the gun damage (even though you don't need to), how about you give the sniper rifles and pistols the same treatment and lower the ADS on sniper rifles and get rid of the close range sights on snipers.
Mikeyy  +   56d ago
Snipers at range actually take some skill to use, so no.

I don't recognize run and gun sniping though. I don't play cheap.
Matt666  +   56d ago
Yes at range I said get rid of the close range scopes to many idiots running around Quick scoping with them and why not give snipers the same treatment as other guns, its there.

Furthermore if snipers did get reduced damage it wouldn't matter because if you have the skill to begin with then you would be able to get the kill either way
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lorenzoarnold24  +   56d ago
The hit marker on the this game is incredibly inaccurate.
Adexus  +   56d ago
I don't know why they don't take everything from BF3 and stick it in BF4 at this point, might get a functioning game out of it.
sovietsoldier  +   56d ago
im good with all the changes except the gun damage as they are fine the way they are now but some guns could use a bit of tweaking. i would like to see a reduction in accuracy for lmgs when not in bipods or prone and many just use them as big belt rifles spamming and killing with ease. pdws need to do the same damage as pistols as those are under classed by everything else even pistols beat pdws.

dice should look more at fixing aa vs air since that is totally messed up and unbalanced.
Pillsbury1  +   56d ago
At this point this game was so broken it is beyond fixing without re-releasing the whole game.
I am done being a beta tester for EA products.
crusf  +   56d ago
Get over it. Game works fine now.
onyoursistersback  +   56d ago
Yep there are still problems, hell @crusf

There is a new glitch where you can't hit the chopper with your grenade-launcher
It @ the end of the first mission. It came with the new DLC. Don't believe, inserte the game and see for your self. (In hard)
TEZ-RaViNlUnAtIk  +   56d ago
Get rid of the auto aim bullshit!!!
lorenzoarnold24  +   55d ago
Auto aim how you turn that on?
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