Limited Edition Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core PSP Announced For Europe

The CRISIS CORE - FINAL FANTASY VII PSP bundle will be available on June 20, 2008 for 189.99 Euros. The bundle will also include the Crisis Core PSP game. A limited edition silver PSP of Final Fantasy VII was released in Japan on September 13, 2007, where only 77,777 units were sold. No word on how limited this release will be.

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PS360WII3841d ago

Man this is so bogus. Japan and Europe get the Crisis Core PSP while the US gets a plastic umd case... nice

Lord_Ash3841d ago

I love the case, maybe it isn't as good as a FF PSP but it's really excellent.

Mr_Kuwabara3841d ago

Hehe, chill dude. At least we got it months back compared to Europe.

PS360WII3841d ago

heh that's true Mr Kuwabara that is true and I guess I would take that over that over the other ;)

Kraken3841d ago

But I would rather have the Kratos PSP.

BigPete79783841d ago

Is there any word on if this will make it's way over to the states?

PS360WII3841d ago

We didn't get it for launch so I would guess no US version... but like I said before we got a sweet plastic case ><