Bungie Responds to Fans Disappointed About One Destination Per Planet in Destiny

Bungie's Community Manager Eric 'Urk' Osborne responds.

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DonDon1426d ago

Bad enough that gameplay is repetitive. Now the locales will be too. Not a single thing about this game speaks to me. The beta was boring, and although it was only a beta, it didn't give me the impression that would justify even a fraction of the hype Activision is imposing upon it.

Can anyone please explain why this game is so good (other than saying they simply "liked it")?

Like it? Great.

But why? What makes you like it, in your opinion?

C-H-E-F1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

lol agreed,

I think alot of people are just bandwagon players when it comes to this game. The story is dull, voice acting was sooo bad in the alpha when I played it that they added a robotic filter to him to make it not so bad in the beta and it still puts me to sleep. The repetitive nature of the game is crazy, go here shoot, go there shoot, go back to that same place and shoot, go back to the place you were just at again to pick these up then go back to this place. Like why can't I get everything at once and progress through the level? all that doubling back is dumb. Gameplay is sooo boring and they stole borderlands, rage mechanics like crazy and added Halo to it. I never owned an xbox and never liked halo (a friend owned it watched him play it... didn't watch for long). I was told by an ex xbox owner now a ps4 owner that this game story is better than Halo (based off of the beta) now, I must say if that's true then geeeesh have Halo fans been deprived of great story based games. I played the Alpha and deleted it then got a code for the beta from Sony and a few from bungie... So, i thought i'd give it another shot... and I deleted it again... I think this game is really for halo fans, I don't think the "core" playstation nation will adopt this title and support it for years to come. Because Playstation fans love story based games for the most part and if the game has multiplayer well that's a plus. (look at highest selling ps games they all have great single players**excluding cod/bf4**).

But if you do enjoy this game, WHY??? what makes this game fun to you? Do you really like it? Or are you allowing yourself to like it because of the hype?

DLConspiracy1426d ago

Personally I feel that PS fans have been pushing this game the most. It kind of reminds me of Xbox fans and Titanfall. Either way, I can't imagine this story can compete with Halos story. Can't imagine why your buddy would feel that way. I only base that off the beta but nothing jumps out at me yet. Like at all story wise. Its fun gameplay with friends. Kind of pass the time stuff but that's about it.

ifistbrowni1426d ago

this game is far from Halo. Halo has a great multiplayer... Destiny has a very poor multiplayer, IMO.

pedrof931426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I'm sorry you guys are wrong, first this is a beta so, there is no story at all being shown if not simply a glimpse. Personally I thought the story is compelling, the story trailer itself was amazing and gave me interest.

1 - "Repetitive gameplay" - This game plays almost exactly like Halo. From physics, to the gun handling, even driving vehicles is. ( The only difference is that in Halo you can steal vehicles from other players and in Destiny you can't)

2 - "Halo has better multiplayer" - I don't know what part is better, but from what I've seen they look like the same, plus this game has the RPG factor attached to the MP such as: challenges, experience points ,skills, armors,weapons etc.

3 - "I can't imagine this story can compete with Halos story" - Why ? You barely played the story, and Halo doesn't have the most amazing ever. The trailer alone made me want this game badly !

This game compared to others RPGS/MMO doesn't even have a slow start, the action is there from the begining. One point that I agree is the MP voice which is really uninspired.

One thing I've notice is that xbox players are mad at bungie and apparently they make everything to make their game look bad. Bungie made their HALO KILLER and ITS MULTI-PLAT ! AND THE BEST VERSION IS ON PS4, get over it. Jeez.

SuperBlunt1426d ago

I think its boring because it reminds me of halo

Gozer1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I liked it for its rpg elements, and I like fps. Looking at the vendors wares, and the Grimoire, Destiny looks to me like it will have some depth. I also like the sci-fi space setting. The graphics are pretty good too.

I noticed that Bungie is using the same gameplay formula as Halo for the PvP. Jump, melee, grenade, special power, and weapon fire. But going by the beta, Bungie still has some work to do on the Crucible. The gameplay isn't as smooth as Halo, especially while running, and jumping. Also, in Halo contact with an enemy player usually lasts around 3 seconds before someone is killed, in the Destiny beta it was instant death/kill. A lot can happen in 3 seconds, and makes for memorable fights. If you do get an instant kill in Halo it requires some skill(rocket launcher aside). I really hope Bungie tweaks, and balances the Crucible before launch, because I want to like it, and want to get at some of that awesome Crucible gear.

marlinfan101426d ago


so because someone might not like what they've seen so far it means they're disgruntled halo fans? lmao

the story was pretty repetitive, most of the missions felt like you were doing the same thing. i put a ton of hours into the story and loved it, but i can see why someone would say that.

halo does have the better multiplayer hands down IMO, but thats not taking anything away from destiny. i personally think halo has the best MP ive ever played. i really didnt expect Destinys to be better. you saying "they look the same" makes me think you haven't even played halo. they're very different.

just because people might not agree with you or don't have the same opinion doesn't mean they're xbox fanboys, mad at bungie, or whatever else you might think. ive seen plenty of playstation people say the stories repetitive too. we can't all think alike.

DJStotty1426d ago

After playing the beta i didnt even realise there was a story?? You get brought back to life by a "ghost" which very similarly looks like guilty spark from halo. Then all it entails is going to planets killing enemies when i have no idea why they are after killing us anyway?? Dont get me wrong i thing Destiny is a great game and is a day one buy. But to compare this story to halo and say the story is miles better is a bit far-fetched. Perhaps When the full release is out we can get into the story more. If i am wrong then please someone explain the story to me as i was too busy shooting enemies to pay attention lol

Sevir1426d ago

Lol. The combat in multiplayer seems pretty much par for course with standard multiplayer in Halo, the difference here is that in Halo you can get other people's weapon after you kill them, in Destiny you tailor your guardian to your specifics and you go to battle. My least Fav aspect of multiplayer is the vehicles the Pike and Interceptors are over powered and way unbalanced as is the shotgun.

But on every other map except for the moon combat scenarios are tight and confrontations are satisfying. The weapons for the most part handle exactly the way they would in Halo.

But the single player experience blows Halo out of the water in Scale alone. The RPG and looting and leveling instantly makes this that much more engaging than any halo game created by bungie. Reach was by far Bungie's best Halo in terms of Single player and Halo 2 was the best for multiplayer, and Destiny succeeds in more areas than the halo franchise does on promise, gameplay, scope, scale and pure addictive gameplay..

Anyone saying the gameplay is repitive is out of there mind. If you spent 40+ hours on the beta you have no room to talk about repetitive a boring because Something in the beta kept you busy and engaged for 40+ hours...

Again, this seems more like XBO fans feeling betrayed because Sony signed some papers and a few blank checks to get Destiny Alpha and Beta first for PS owners.

This beta, had more content than Titan Fall.

If you really played it and didn't like it, fine. But saying stuff like repetitive and comparing it to games that don't even compare on gameplay principles, scale or content is just stupid and illogical.

The game isn't perfect, and complaining about maps too small when ALL you've been given is was 50% of one extremely large explorable area is down right silly. I don't think you naysayers truely understand how Large Old Russia is, even with just being able to explore 50% of it in the beta, but haters will b*tch Just to bitch. Don't worry, a 're release of all your favorite halo games which are smaller games by comparison are launching this year. You'll play them while everyone else will play this. I think most everyone who played the beta on all 4 platforms are convinced this is the biggest thing launching this year, you naysayers are really just a handful of vocal minority and it just burns your blood to see others taking on to the vision bungie has made. Bungie has made its halo killer and it's going to be freak in awesome Sept 9th and beyond.

HammadTheBeast1426d ago

Speak for yourself, I loved it. Been gaming on PS since PS1.

ZodTheRipper1426d ago

If Destiny is repetitive, what is Halo?
I for one (+ my brother) enjoyed Alpha and Beta immensly and I can't wait for release. If you don't like it, don't buy it - that simple.

Pain1426d ago Show
Gozer1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

@Sevir & Pain

I agree with a lot of what you say about the Destiny beta. I probably got 30+ hours out of the beta alone. I liked how the Explore mission took you all over the map. I never noticed the beacons repeating in their location, or the dialog repeating. I found a lot of inaccessible areas, as well as areas populated by high level baddies. I bet I recorded over 3 hours of Destiny footage, so I would have a fix for when my hype for the full game would become unbearable.

I do disagree with you on some other things though. I fought with the controls when running, and I fought the controls when trying to track and shoot an enemy while jumping. Why Bungie made turning, or changing direction while running so sluggish doesn't make sense. You should have the same agility while running as you do while walking. It would also make the gameplay more fluid if you could reload while running. point being the gameplay isn't as smooth as you are letting on.

The comparison you make between Halo, and the Crucible in the Destiny beta is wrong as well imo. While based around the same gameplay formula as Halo(jump,melee,grenade,specia l power,weapon fire), the Destiny beta played differently than Halo mp. First, I found myself fighting the controls in the same way I mentioned above in the Crucible. Halo mp is not like that, its easy to both run, and shoot baddies while jumping. Second, the survivability in Halo is longer. The average fight between 2 players in Halo is around 3 seconds. In the Destiny beta, a death/kill was practically instant. I found the Crucible gameplay frustrating. There were also some balancing issues in the Crucible. For instance, I found the Scout Rifle, the Handcannon, the Pulse Rifle and Fusion Rifle to be practically useless in the Crucible. And the vehicles on the Moon map were over powered(Bungie has already said they plan to fix that). I really hope Bungie fixes these issues, because it would be a grand slam if they could make all aspects of Destiny a hit.

Lastly, blaming Halo/xbox fans for any and all negativity associated with Destiny is kind of childish, and shallow. I think anyone who played the Destiny beta could figure out whether or not they like it, be it PS,Xbox, or Halo fan. Im an Xbox, and Halo fan, and I loved the Destiny beta, cant wait to tear into the full game.

UnHoly_One1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I can only speak for myself, but please don't lump all the complainers in to one group saying that they are disgruntled Xbox fans.

I have owned every playstation, and every Xbox, but I would definitely call myself an Xbox fan first. They have been my primary system since they came out.

I loved Halo, so naturally I loved Bungie.

I'm not angry with them in any way for going multiplat, or for cutting a deal with Sony. They don't owe me anything, it's a business, and they are in it to make money.

So, with all of that said, I thought the Beta was super fun. I probably put 40 hours into it, and I will be downloading it on launch day for sure.

People are complaining just because that's all gamers do nowadays. Nobody is happy with anything, it seems.

EDIT: @Pain

"Suck it up butter cups and get over it... Karma's a b!tch and Xbox nation will reap what they sown."

Seriously??? Why are some of you Playstation guys treating Destiny like it's exclusive and Xbox players don't get the game at all?

Who really cares about a couple exclusive extras?

I have both systems and I'm getting the XB1 version, just because I'm an Xbox guy.

I don't understand why we need comments like this just trying to start a fight.

objdadon1426d ago

All i can say is I've never ever liked halo but destiny hits the sweet spot with me single player wise as well as multiplayer wise! I've always had all consoles so it ain't got nothing to do with that! One of my dislikes about halo has always been weapon variation! I get bored quick using the same weapons in multiplayer, same thing with Titanfall.

jetlian1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Lol my goodness where to begin. MS fan are mad at bungie? Umm no. This game isnt as good as halo to make ms fans mad.

It plays closer to cod than halo. Vehicles have easier physics than halo. This has aiming down sights unlike halo. This has major restrictions on grenades. No weapon pick ups unlike halo.

So how is this like halo? The story is as bad as titanfall in execution, hell brink has both beaten!!! Brink had 2 min cutscenes before and after missions.

Destiny has virtually no cutscenes and you compare it to halo? Please!! Wheres the dialog in this game?

As for the 1 area per planet i think its enough. I had fun on earth and if all are about the same size you could get 100 hours out this game

TheRedButterfly1426d ago

lol What we saw of this story is, admittedly, boring.

That being said, Halo has one of the richest universes, stories, and characters in modern Sci-Fi. It's my favorite universe, with my favorite characters. The only story that comes close to beating it is Mass Effect.

And to answer the seemingly-rhetorical question, I enjoyed the beta because of the Coop play. Playing it single-player ≠ how Destiny is meant to be played - that's one thing I'm certain of.

Competitive MP was okay at best (felt like an odd mixture of Battlefield and Halo, and I just couldn't get into it), and the story was hard to follow if there at all, but exploring and fighting alongside friends was a blast.

D-riders1426d ago

You guys are full of it the game is super fun . It's a shooter , what shooter isn't repetitive. Your probably but hurt halo fanboys. Wth was wrong with the game??

M-M1426d ago

I don't know what you guys are on, Destiny is some of the most fun I've ever had in an FPS. The only thing I don't like is the sluggishness and turning while sprinting.

4Sh0w1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

lol, trying to blame all the complaints on xbox fans, yeah neogaf is a known xbox haven...pfft yeah right.

Truth is *almost every major game is hit with lots of complaints from this new entitlist gaming culture. Again the internet is awesome for its instantaneous information sharing and visual gratification but it also breeds petty complaining about EVERYTHING and letting a bunch of people who think they know it all spew venom in many cases towards people who have accomplished alot in life and wouldn't associate with people who's only contribution to the world is attacking those who "do" great things.

Personally I spent 30+ hrs with the Destiny Beta and although nothing about it was bad, unfortunately I was a little dissapointed, the shooting mechanics were good, the graphics were good, the leveling looks to be deep, the customization is plentiful but what little glimpse of the story seems a bit "meh" so far, certainly that might change with the full game, also the online as I commented about yesterday was shallow for my taste which now I feel it wasn't just a "feeling" since Bungie now confirms its because they moved in a different direction purposely making it less about competition with more accessibility in mind.

Those are my complaints but unlike some although I have a few complaints I don't think it means Destiny sucks. It's a good game but for me NO its not a "Halo killer", Halo is a better game imo, likely that's because Halo is more focused it's a story driven shooter, no looting, no looking for this or looking for that, no backtracking, and its a awesome competitive multiplayer game. Maybe it's my attention span, since Halo is about a in your face action storyline with a well balanced competitive online that is what I like most which is why Halo is a better game= Yes I said it, see its about PREFERENCES AND EXPECTATIONS and I'm sick of people making it about Halo fans being mad at Bungie, we love Bungie but we also can agree to disagree with non-Halo fans and other Halo fans who think Destiny is a better game. Hell just because I can't wait for HaloMCC and of course Halo5 doesn't mean I can't enjoy other great games like Destiny.

Jonny5isalive1426d ago

LOL you people.

THere are people that will not like this game because they are sad xbox gamers. And there are people who like this game simply because they want it to be a halo killer that is better on ps4.

Im sure it will be good, but its funny to see how so many people on this site suddenly love this game when its pretty much just halo RPG, after spending years hating on halo.

the only people I can truly believe are they people who say they hate halo and this game or enjoy both of them. Im sure Ill like both and am gonna try this game out.

DarthZoolu1426d ago


You said how they barely showed the story but you found it compelling. If there was enough story shown for you to find it compelling there was also enough for someone else to find it boring. Also if you say that Halo MP and Destiny are the same I doubt you are good at either. Destiny will be fun but its not ground breaking at all.

gaffyh1426d ago

The game isn't even out yet and the fanboys are already prejudging it based on a beta which had a fraction of the content and players on it. Wait till it's out at least.

Prime1571426d ago

It was a beta... We saw 1/5 of the story missions, and it plays more like an mmo than a mission based fps. I understand how some will LOVE it and others will hate it.

However, 1/5th of the missions barely touches the story... people need to calm down.

I liked it, except for the imbalanced pvp weapons.

loulou1426d ago

sevir... turn it in! and the sony leg humpers not to long ago were calling bungie a one trick pony. now they love them because sony moneyhatted some exclusive stuff

destiny for sure has a campaign that blows halo or any other fps out of the water. But the multiplayer is bad... real bad! unbalanced, p2p (shocking that) and basically mediocre.

i am back on the fence with this game

frostypants1426d ago

@pedrof93: ""Repetitive gameplay" - This game plays almost exactly like Halo."

Well, Halo's multiplayer was painfully repetitive, so...

MazzingerZ1426d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about unbalanced MP, unpowered weapons and so on...this is BUNGIE, one of the few that use betas as they meant to be, too improve gameplay, they will fix what is needed to be fixed, they will support this game and the most important, will listen to US

wsoutlaw871426d ago

haha try playing the game man. Your playstation fans enjoy ... crap is just stupid. Thats all i can say about that. You are really talking about the story in the destiny beta that included pretty much no story what so ever. WHY do you want to go online and B**** about a game you havent played? Do you really hate it? Or do you just want to cry about things that are hyped? lol hipsters.

memots1426d ago

I love some of the comments above. Blaming PS fan again ,

Seriously guys , There was over 40 hours of content in the beta ALONE. Do you really expect the full game to be 8 hours !?
These crazy expectation are totally ruining the game industry, so much negativity in here its sickening.

elninels1426d ago

I wont be buying it full price day one. However I did have fun with it. Being able to jump into a cool world and shoot up some baddies for interesting weapons and such is cool. Leveling yourself, your weapons, and armor is cool.

The biggest letdown has been the lack of diversity in the classes, the repetition, and the pvp. Ewww that pvp.

Hercules1891426d ago

Why does everyone think that all the haters are Xbox fans or Halo fans. I dont see any compaining about how Bungie betrayed them. I do however see alot of complaints of betrayal from other fans from other companies all the time about games that didnt even start on that particular system.

abstractel1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I enjoyed the the beta immensely as a solo player. I am not saying it was a perfect experience tho:

+ I love the game's art style even if it doesn't push the next-gen systems very hard.
+ The feel of the guns is great and varied. There seems to be so many of them and they truly feel different.
+ The story has me hooked and I will buy this game even if it's just 8 hours long for the story.
+ Each time I went into Old Russia I found new places and felt a sense of progression by upgrading my character, weapons and vehicles.
+ It has that nice sense of wanting to find more loot like Borderlands.
+ I like replaying missions with friends on harder difficulties and get the extra bonus.
(+) Looking forward to space combat and customizing my ship.

- as soon as you leave the zones enemies are supposed to be in they just go back to their zones without chasing you. That's a big downer. This even goes for the boss fights in the beta.
- It is a bit sad that there's only one destination per planet/moon but Old Russia is fairly massive. If the other planets are as big or bigger that will make me happy. Too early to tell if this will make the game repetitive.

Not sure if this will be all it's hyped up to be, but I really enjoyed it and I'm a SP (or co-op) gamer only.

SilentNegotiator1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Holy holes, this comment section is CRAWLING with 1-3 bubble Xtrolls downplaying Destiny.

saber000051425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

If you don't like the game, don't play it.
You can't compare Halo to Destiny.
Cry me a river.
Don't rate game from beta, wait until it releases.

I think it's unfair to compare Destiny to Halo. They are both completely different games. I enjoyed Halo, as much as I enjoyed Destiny. They both have their place.

Why people keep complaining about the game, is beyond me. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME! Don't like it, don't get it! Destiny, in my opinion, is an amazing game, and I like it so far. This is beta. Nothing is finalized until release. You guys are rating a game, based off of only a fraction of gameplay/campaign. There's more to the story that they haven't shown yet.

Just my two cents.

DLConspiracy1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

I love how everyone says anyone who may not be 100% hyped is calling everyone jealous or butthurt. What in the world are you talking about? So does that make every person who is defensive completely blind? There is absolutely no reason to turn this into some stupid fanboy war BS. I am still buying the game. I am just not ready to sell my organs to play it like a lot of people are.

What I said had NOTHING to do with anything other than my opinion. There are plenty of people on Both sides of the console war who are going tp feel this way. Not everything can be grouped into fanboy A or B. I am pretty tired of people turning it into that. Its like nobody is allowed to dislike the game or else you are banished from the PS community for life. Yet before, people who liked shooters were Xbox Bro shooter idiots now its the life blood that Ps fans drink from. You can't win.

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ifistbrowni1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I'm in the same boat as you. Destiny was one of the only titles i was looking forward to picking up this Holiday... After having some hands-on, it doesn't seem to be deserving of all it's hype.

With the recent rumors of the game only having so few missions (22 story missions, i believe), and the game under-delivering... I am no longer looking forward to this game.

Destiny is just another FPS. I thought it was going to be innovative and "push" the genre, but it feels just like all the other FPS out there. It's not unique enough for me to "ga-ga" over it.

Anyone who has played Borderlands last gen, shouldn't be impressed by Destiny... Destiny is pushing no boundaries.

People are giving it credit because it was "only a beta." But, there is less than 2 months left until the game launches... What we played in the beta is going to be pretty close to the retail game (apart from maybe a few tweaks, like: damage dealt, damage taken, loot drop rates, etc).

tinynuggins1426d ago

I'm with you. All of my excitement for destiny died this weekend with the beta.

objdadon1426d ago

Well my excitement for destiny multiplied exponentially with the beta! I thought it was just another halo which I've never liked. It's not! I put in over 80 hours in a damn beta! I thought the multiplayer was unbalanced at first until I found better guns and leveled my character, I thought the vehicles were op until I started getting vantage points to pick people off! I got better and better over time! I love it!

Lifewish1426d ago

I think it is fun is small doses and def. better played with friends in your group. However, I can't say there is anything that special about the game.

truefan11426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

OUCH!! When the dev has to respond, that is never a good sign. I wonder what is being said at the Bungie, Activision, and Sony offices.

I had a weird relationship with the beta, I thought it was awesome, then good, then redundant. Then 2 days later, I played with a team that actually worked as a team and then liked it again, the competitive multiplayer is just ok, but I know I will never play as much as everyone else, so I am already at a disadvantage in terms of weapons, armor, and money. Overall it's not a bad game, but it isn't great either.

I have to laugh at this situation though, Bungie sure enjoyed the joys and support of the ps4 fanbase, but now they are feeling the wrath of that same fanbase. ps4 fans are by far the most vocal on the internet, twitter, and many gaming websites, so their unfavorable opinions about the game in terms of gameplay and content has become top news. Destiny is losing more money by the day and the negative press is spreading like wildfire. Many of the day 1 buyers, myself included, have changed to maybes or when the price drops. If I get it, I'll probably only play it for one month, a lot more games I'm interested in will be coming out late September and beyond.

Chaoticmoon1426d ago

Truefan please, just shut up... you put way to much effort into this

user74029311426d ago

stop...your embaressing yourself

majiebeast1426d ago

Desparation/Delusion the new scent by Truefan1.

mr2331426d ago

The developer HAD to respond. Either that or let complainers define the game. I am not happy that Earth only has one playable area. But there is a lot to do and if the beta is a good sample of the full game, I'm sold. Halo was epic, but it is very different from Destiny and IMO the story lines should not be compared to each other. Halo's campaign was a linear campaign not an MMO.

Mr-Dude1426d ago

Well Truefan1

You (and the rest of the partypooper squad of hate) are those who screamed the most when Sony announced the DLC for Destiny. Then you all screamed again when the BETA started on PSN, and now you all hate Bungie for you own weird reasons, because Bungie owns the Xbox community or something... Get real

scott12346781426d ago

Ps4 fans dominate this site hence all your disagreements

BattleTorn1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

LMAO - so now IF Devs DO respond, it's a bad sign?


-Foxtrot1426d ago

What's this issue got to do with Sony and the PS4...

guyman1426d ago

I think you've reached a point where even you know that you're an idiot, and that you just don't have the slightest care about what you say, regardless if it's a fact or opinion.

EData1426d ago

Like all the Xbox fans that were "vocal" about Titanfall to Respawn, making them answer to no single player, bots, small player count, too few features etc... I guess now it's a bad thing for a dev to respond about their game.

I would say the Xbox crowd is by far the most insufferable. Look at all the whining they are doing over Destiny and the DLC, is insane. The PS crowd is more mature in my opinion and the angry Halo fanboys are the ones up in arms about everything Destiny.

Prime1571426d ago

Truefan, "ps4 fans are by far the most vocal on the internet, twitter, and many gaming websites"

Except when compared to you, and you don't fall in the ps4 fan category.

TheJacksonRGN1426d ago

So if devs just all decided to stay quite like many do, they are not in touch with fans but when they do respond it is a bad sign? Wow, very dumb logic.

TheSaint1425d ago

'ps4 fans are by far the most vocal on the internet'

Said truefan1.......

Seriously, do you even believe yourself?

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SolidGear31426d ago

I went in expecting nothing but came out loving it. Now instead of waiting until it's $20 I'm buying it day one for PS3.

Why was I impressed? It actually has a story and follows a narrative. I thought it'd be similar to Titanfall. Just one big MP with hardly any direction, story, narrative or reason to play.

BattleTorn1426d ago



Stop causing us crossgen!

Sevir1426d ago

Just get the PS4 bundle and call it a day! The game shines. And really benifits from what the next gen consoles can do.

Prime1571426d ago

You could get the Destiny bundle. I couldn't image this on ps3 to be honest, but glad you liked it.

Hanuman1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I liked it, and it's none of your business why!!

r211426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Liked it because of the gameplay, the smooth gunplay and the movement grants so much freedom compared to other games. Double jump, gliding, knifing, knife throwing, power fists, space bombs, you name it.

The art style is also damn strong in this game. For example, exploring Russia really felt like a living place after some years of being untouched by mankind.

Theres also the so enjoyable soundtrack when you battle. Speaking of battle, never have I felt so much satisfaction when I finish each of the mission within the beta, especially Devil's Lair. More so with others thanks to the MMO like elements, back to back surviving the onslaught of Fallen and Hive enemies.

I could probably think up more once I get the full game :)

Tedakin1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

It's a great, solid package, but from the beta I can see it getting old extremely quick. Every mission was "Go here, kill guys, plug Ghost into system." And I'm sorry, it is absolutely Halo RPG. I hate to accuse Bungie of being a one trick pony, but I woulda hoped they'd have moved a little farther away than this. This game looks like Halo, controls like Halo, the enemies look like Covenant. Instead of the Flood, we have the Fallen. Instead of a giant ring in the sky, we have a giant sphere. Instead of a floating robot with a single blue eye that gives you information and was created by the ring called a Guilty Spark we have a floating robot with a single blue eye that gives you information and was created by the sphere called a Ghost. And both say things like "This is installation 487. It was once a safe haven, but was overrun by the Fallen (or Flood)." The Ghost in this is also just Cortana. An AI in your head that guides you and you plug into shit and it tells you what to do next. Both games have cloaked enemies that charge you with swords. At one point I was on a floating bike that controlled exactly like a Ghost (hey they used the name GHOST in both games) from Halo and even fired the same dual blue laser beams with almost the same sound effect. Then I was attacked by enemies on bikes and we got in a strafing shootout that was just like every similar confrontation in Halo. Then a drop ship came in and enemies bounced out of it in the exact same way they do in Halo. Even the music is similar with the low chanting in the menus. And whadya know... You play as the Guardians in this. Halo 5: Guardians coming soon!

BattleTorn1426d ago

Would you like me to list the how Star Trek and Star Wars are identical?

n4rc1426d ago

Lol.. Wow..

Never really payed that much attention to the similarities.. Yikes

Sevir1426d ago

Yes! All staples and defining qualities of bungies DNA... Coincidence that the similarities are stiking? Is it a coincidence that sunset overdrive, has crazy weapons like ratchet and clank, is it a coincidence that the monsters look like cholera from resistance, is it a coincidence that SO plays like an open world Ratchet and has the same crazy colorful pallet? Give it a freaking rest already.

If Destiny is Halo in RPG form then you halo lovers should be bouncing off the wall. Yet most of you are complaining about it being too small when ALL you played was one half the map in a BETA designed to be a stress test.
Can't please everyone. But 90% of the fan base is happy so in the end the peanut gallery is just that.

Unreal011426d ago

Also, you forgot to mention that the Interceptors that you can use on multiplayer modes are just Destiny's version of Halo's Wraiths :)

jkendrick1426d ago

^^Isn't that every game? I've played hundreds of games and they are all based on some kind of objective.

memots1426d ago

Its also a coincidence that Wildstar look like something taken out of Rachet and Clank ... oh wait the same artist work for that dev now.

Of course some of the stuff in game will look or feel the same. It was build created drawn imagine by the same people.

Same goes for Music when a guitarist makes his own side project you can easily pick up on the style and that sound is what defines him.