New Halo 2: Anniversary Images Showcases Updated Visuals

Fresh off the San Diego Comic Con floor, new cinematic images have been released from Halo 2: Anniversary, showing off the wonderfully remastered visuals of the game.

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XiSasukeUchiha1456d ago

Damn those CGI look so real life:)

Charybdis1456d ago

screenshots also look good wouldn't say real life but still very good.

Perjoss1456d ago

Well the cinematics are being done by Blur Studio, they make some of the very best video game CGI cutscenes and trailers around.

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JustInTlME1456d ago

Damn. Those cut scenes are gonna be sexy! haha

Niv1456d ago

Don't care bout gameplay after seeing that CGI!

MSBAUSTX1455d ago

The CGI is pretty, that's a given. However, to throw away playability would be irresponsible and ignorant my friend. As we have seen time and time again, A good looking game can still suck hard. Be careful and cautious with the new Halo games. I have preordered already, but I am will be disappointed if the game doesn't play the same if not better, regardless of how pretty it looks.

linkenski1456d ago

I hate when cutscenes are not in-game. Preorder cancelled. This feels like a downgrade to me.

Ihatetrolls761456d ago

You never had intentions on buying this game to begin with nice trolling though

Gamer7771456d ago

He needs some ice for that burn.

4Sh0w1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

If the gameitself is awesome, does it matter?, whether they are ingame or cgi cutscenes you are not playing either, just watching like a movie.

linkenski1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Completely true that I never preordered it in the first place, but I was actually interested in seeing what they did with the cutscenes until I learned they were CG now. I just hate it when games don't use the in-game assets for cutscenes. It creates an unnecessary gap between gameplay and story segments IMO.

I think it makes a game more immersive if it renders the cutscenes using the game-engine directly and not through a "press play" video file.

christocolus1456d ago

Preorder cancelled cos the cutscenes aint ingame?

Cgi cutscenes were very popular during the ps1, ps2 days and till this day some companies would rather go cgi instead of ingame. With cgi its actually alot easier for the artists to present an exact atmosphere unlike what can be done inengine. The animation and effects can also be taken to a whole new level with cgi..but since you'd rather cancel your preorder i'm guessing during the days of the ps2 and xbx you never played final fantasy, onimusha, resident evil 2 and 3, ninja gaiden...etc Yeah right.

Ihatetrolls761456d ago

Man those where are some great games I loved onimusha and I still play ninja gaiden 1&2

MSBAUSTX1455d ago

But they have already shown screen shots of the gameplay and it is 100 times better looking and more real than the originals. What does it matter if the CGI cutscenes aren't in engine? They have already shown that the in engine gameplay is beautiful. Now they are just showing off their CGI talents. They are completely unrelated topics and to cancel a preorder based on this argument is shallow and petty.

LogicStomper1456d ago

In other words, you hate it when there are good visuals?

linkenski1452d ago

Indeed, if the visuals are not rendered directly by the console it's not impressive. It's kinda like how I hate watching CG trailers. I know this is different, but the original Halo 2 had some great in-engine cutscenes, so I would've prefered if the same went for H2 Anniversary, like with H:CE Anniversary.

And especially if in-game is 60fps and cutscenes are 30fps. That bugged the shit out of me when I played Mass Effect 3 on PC.

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