GameStop's MGS4 Launch Event Details

You knew that GameStop wouldn't let something as big as the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots launch go by without burning the midnight oil to get PlayStation 3 owners the game as soon as humanly possible. The games retailer has announced that over 1,500 stores will be hosting special launch day events tomorrow, featuring trivia contests, a Big Boss costume contest, and special sneak-peaks at the game leading up to the 12:01 AM release.

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highdro3810d ago

i live in the uk and oxford street is doing a mid night lunch as well,...that is how u tell this game is big because only blockbuster games get the SPECIAL TREATMENT of opeaning mid, any way im broke so i dont think i am getting mgs4 on day one, i got to wait a little.. =(

TheHater3810d ago

I will be in line wait for my purchase.

Ice2ms3810d ago

There no place open before 9 am in my area it sux because gta was consindered massive and this nothing

dale13810d ago

why is,game etc got no ps3,s on there web sites it seems like every one is starting to sell out here in the uk.just being on there sites no bundles even got none until 16th june can,t be a shortage can it.mgs4 may be?

BeaArthur3810d ago

I don't wait in line for video games. Never have, never will. However, I will probably leave work early that day to go and pick it up.

znu3810d ago

lol same,

i have never been in a situation where i have to wait for hours at an end to get a game. While all of you are sick and tired but get your MGS4, i will be sleeping.


the next day...

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The story is too old to be commented.