Media Molecule PS4 Game Teaser Breakdown Reveals Camera Support?

Media Molecule recently revealed a teaser trailer of their new game in which the footage shown was of the game glitching out and providing some interesting results. If you skipped through the teaser frame by frame and tried to make some sense of it, it looks like there’s a person with some digitally added 3D models on them.

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XiSasukeUchiha1422d ago

Morpheus support their new game sounds awesome!

logan_izer101422d ago

That's not even a sentence

cannon88001422d ago


You forgot to finish your sentence with a period.
I thought you'd know better!

Starbucks_Fan1422d ago

Bubbled down for bad language LOL

emad-E-three1422d ago

Enough already!! You know what from now on i'll always be hitting the disagree button even it you said something right or "good"!

Seriously just Grow up -_-

Jughead34161422d ago guys are cruel. too funny.

amnalehu1422d ago

Im pretty sure their new game will support the PS Move. They talked a lot about that last year.

XiNarutoUzumaki1422d ago

No gimmicks, please. And please be good!

WeAreLegion1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Camera and Move. They showed it a year and a half ago. That was only a portion of the game, but it's definitely in there.

rextraordinaire1422d ago

Not surprising.

Every MM game has had some form of support for every sony gadget since LBP1.

You could use the camera for stickers, ps move for puzzles, ps Vita for dual screen.

Tearaway uses everything on the Vita for gameplay.

I love those guys!

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