Why the Destiny beta was probably the most successful test of all time

Stress testing and number crunching aside, the recent Destiny beta demonstrates one of the most successful betas and marketing campaigns seen in the gaming industry to date. Here is why.

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johnnynitross1307d ago

Had a blast playing this,best game I've played in a long time

DanteVFenris6661307d ago

All it told me was I won't be buying it

spacedelete1307d ago

same. i wonder how many people it turned off. now i know its generic game i'm not getting it. they are right when they say games with demos sell less than they would without a demo.

VitaOwner1307d ago

I loved this game! I put in over 40 hours in the beta, I'm ready for full release!

Igniter1307d ago

This beta didn't come anywhere close to getting players excited as the COD4 beta did. I had a lot of friends who wouldn't even give it a try. One even downloaded it and never played one second. The games decent so I don't get not giving it a try.