iPhone 2.0 Means Apple's Finally Embracing Games, But What's Next?

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Apple has toyed with opening their portable hardware to games. They dabbled with iPod - notably "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Peggle" - but it wasn't an embraced platform.

That thinking changed with the iPhone, iPod Touch and an Apple-sanctioned software developer kit for both. Yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs started to make good on his promises to make his company's new mobile toys a viable platform for developers.

There were not, however, any signals that Apple intends to enter the games business.

On July 11, Apple launches the App Store on iTunes. The App Store will allow companies to sell full-fledged native applications to iPhone and iPod Touch users. In addition to games, this includes real-time sports stat tracking services, a mobile version of iPod and much more. The possibilities are seemingly endless."

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Tempist3838d ago

Just because apple endorses games, doesn't mean that developers are really and truly going to embrace apple as a serious gaming platform.

Come on... Super Monkey Ball? That's what, 8-10 years ago?