Can anything dethrone the current Xbox 360 and Xbox One chart toppers?

James writes - "It’s that time of year where sadly new games are a rarity and it certainly shows in the charts as they’re topped by the same old games."

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ifistbrowni1120d ago

not anything that is currently released...

This fall, I truly believe that Halo MCC will triumph over everything on xbox one. I honestly believe Halo MCC (Halo 2 specifically) will de-throne COD as the top played game on Xbox Live.

christocolus1120d ago

I agree. Forza Horizon2 and Sunset O should hold on to the top spots for a while but Halo mcc will be there for a lot longer..QB will again take the top spot but finally Halo5 will reign supreme. Lol

ZodTheRipper1119d ago

You do know that this small game called Destiny that's basically a bigger version of Halo launches this fall as well?

omi25p1119d ago

Bigger but not better version of Halo.

ZodTheRipper1119d ago

^That's still undecided, isn't it? It's without a question more ambitious, whether it can live up to that ambition will be decided during September. I believe in it more than I believe in another Halo from 343i tbh.

omi25p1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Even Though i loved the Destiny Beta. I still prefer an actual protagonist and set singleplayer story, Over the Build your own hero style of destiny

turdburgler10801119d ago

Destiny is garbage. Ign already showed it has only 32 missions and only a handful of levels. Bobby koticks got you by the balls if you think it's the be all end all. You do realize it's Activision. They are going to do the same thing to Destiny they did to COD. Nickel and dime you for maps and skins and guns that are worthless.

LAWSON721119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Yeah... no. Destiny is not Halo. Halo has splatters, hip firing precision, arena style PvP, a kickass announcer, a refined selection of weapons, and community content. Destiny has none of these things.

This is without considering how Destiny is a game based on loot, side missions, and grinding while Halos campaign is about master chief, lengthy sandbox style missions with great pacing and story telling and the astonishing Halo universe. They are to very different games and this idea that Destiny is a better Halo is a bunch of crap

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modesign1120d ago

lol at that chart, weak article from a weak website.

WeAreLegion1120d ago

A new IP could, but it would have to appeal to a massive audience. Gears did that.

Tedakin1120d ago

Destiny will knock titanfall and minecraft out of the top.

Ghost_Nappa1120d ago

*where,sadly,new games are a rarity* There, fixed.

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